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The JVS Medallion of Honor

A tribute to a great University of the Philippines nurse, the Julita V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor was established by UPNAAI

as its highest and most coveted award to recognize nursing alumni who embody ideals 

espoused by Julita V. Sotejo, principal, UP-PGHSN, founder and first dean, U.P. College of Nursing.

Since the award’s inception in 1993 to 2019, twenty-seven awardees have joined the JVS Hall of Fame.

Medallium Honoris Servitium Pro Patriae et Humanitate

(For Service to Country and Humanity)



Letty G. Kuan, EdD ‘85, MAN ‘75, MS ‘79

Professor Emerita, UP College Of Nursing

Consecrated Lay Woman, Member of Notre Dame De Vie

Educational consultant for various universities

Author of published textbooks used by various schools of nursing in the Philippines

Mentor to Graduate Students

Speaker for local and national conferences

National Awardee, Outstanding College Teacher

National Awardee, Outstanding Professional in Nursing

Former Member, Board of Registered Nursing

For her dedication to be the consummate educator, nurse, researcher, nun, counselor, author, mentor and “mother” to many UPCN alumni and nurses from other schools and hospitals whom she considers her big family of “adopted children.”


Carmencita Matias Abaquin, GN'62, BSN'69, PhD,'00

Professor, UP College Of Nursing

Former Chairperson, Professional Regulations Commission

President, Secular Carmelite Order St. Teresa of Jesus

President, UP_PGHSNAA - Legacy Book Project

For her courage and compassion in restoring the dignity and integrity of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) - Board of Nursing


Lydia Arao Palaypay, GN’51, BSN, MSN, DSc (Hon.), RN

Former Dean and Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Far Eastern University, Institute of Nursing

For her dedication in elevating the nursing education and working

to organize the nursing professionals into Ang Nars, a socio-political organization that aims to alleviate, 

if not solve, problems that perennially beleaguer nursing in the Philippines.


Ma. Rebecca MaraƱa Galvez Tan, BSN ‘75, MAN ‘83, RN

Projects Director

Health Futures Foundation,Inc

For her commitment to championing a community-based nurse living and 

working with the people using a holistic perspective and approach. She distinguished 

herself as a pioneer in the practice of traditional Filipino medicine and other forms of 

complementary health strategies.


Edmund JY Pajarillo, BSN’79, MPA’90, MSN, PhD, RN-BC, CPHQ, NEA-BC

Associate Professor of Graduate Nursing Studies

Adelphi University College of Nursing and Public Health - Garden City, NY

For his leadership in Nurses' House, a national charitable institution providing 

short-term financial assistance to nurses in need as a result of illness, injury or 

disability; and his extensive academic work in Nursing Informatics.


Dula Fara-on Pacquiao, BSN'68, MN'77, EdD'92

Professor and Director, Stanley S. Burgen Center for Multicultural Education Research & Practice

Rutgers University School of Nursing - Newark, NJ

For her leadership and advocacy of transcultural nursing and her work on

health care programs to strengthen HIV/AIDS prevention.


Marlene Cataylo Chance, GN'75, BSN, MSN, PhD, EJD, RN, FNP-BC

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Primary Care Physicians of Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Florida

For her unrelenting effort in advocating the role of Nurse Practitioners 

in the many facets of the medical profession.


Minerva Salinas Guttman, BSN'68, MA, M.Ed., Ed.D., RN, APN

Chief Academic and Administrative Officer

Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health

Fairleigh Dickinson University - Teaneck, NJ

For her dedication in enhancing competency in nursing practice through 

integration of nursing education and other skills.


Marilyn Machon Patillo, BSN'69, MSN, PhD, RN, GNP -BC, CNS-BC

Associate Professor, University of Texas, Austin

For her work on bioterrorism preparedness, contemporary disaster response and recovery skills

for nurses and continuing service with the Homeland Security.


Lorraine S. Evangelista, BSN'85, MN, PhD, CCNS, CCRN, FAHA, FAAN

Associate Professor, University of California in Los Angeles

For her work on understanding the nature, causes, and prevention of cardiovascular infirmities,

including self -care and symptom management.


Fely Marilyn Elegado-Lorenzo, BSN'73, MPH'81, DrPH

Professor, University of the Philippines - College of Public Health

For her service as a community nurse and her work on the burdens of malaria 

and dengue diseases in the Philippines.


Josefina Angeles Tuazon, BSN'77, MN, DrPH

Professor and Former Dean, University of the Philippines - College of Nursing

For her advocacy of physical well being through education, training 

and promotion of healthy lifestyles.


Carolina Pestano De Guzman, GN'54, BSN'59, MSN, CCRN, CPAN

Retired Post Anesthesia Care Nurse Samuel Merrit Hospital

For her work, research and development and publication of the

 policy manual for post anesthesia care entitled:

Comprehensive Guidelines for Post Anesthesia Care Nursing Practice


Mely C.M. De Leon, BSN'61, MS

Critical Care Nurse, Pediatric ICU

Harbor UCLA Medical Center, Torrance, California

Is almost synonymous with three words/categories: alumni, professional nursing association, and patient care.

She truly epitomizes the ideals espoused by Dean Sotejo in the areas of patient care,

leadership, academics, involvement in professional associations and scholarly activities.


Luz Buenavista-Tungpalan, BSN'63, MA'76

Dean and Associate Professor, University of the Philippines - College of Nursing

Best known as the author of the biography of the UPCN Founder and first Dean for 22 years,

Dr. Julita V. Sotejo, entitled: Action Oriented Leadership and LV. Sotejo: A Biography (2001).

It is "dedicated to all UPCN alumni who have been privileged to partake of the fruits of Dean Julita V. Sotejo's

vision and leadership - that they may in turn light each other's path with the glow of their ideals"


Marilou Aniceto-Wasseluk, BSN'67, MPA'72, PhD

Professor and Director, Oakton Community College

Associate Degree in Nursing Program, Des Plaines, Illinois

For her contribution to the solutions of the current problem of disparities among

minority students in the health care professions (nursing).


Rozzano C. Locsin, PhD'88

Professor, Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida

For his commitment to promote "caring" as the essence of nursing in his

teaching, publications, scholarly and consulting activities nationwide and globally.


Cecilia Marcaida Laurente, BSN'67, MN'73, PhD

Dean, University of the Philippines - College of Nursing

For bringing the attention of the world to the plight of the Filipino nurses, and her

militant activitism in the service of her profession, her country and fellowmen.


Soledad Salvador-Grino, GN'51, BSN, MPH

Program Director, Philippine Leprosy Mission

For her lifelong service, mission, and care for the unfortunate victims of the dreaded leprosy.


Leticia Sta Maria-Lantican, BSN'62, MA'79, PhD'80 (Psych)

Director, College of Nursing, University of Texas

Expert Consultant, National Institute of Mental Health - Bethesda MD

For her work on mental health care integration,

stress coping, social support, community health, worker's training and health services research.


Phoebe Dauz-Williams, BSN'62, MN69, MN, PhD, FAAN

Professor, University of Kansas School of Nursing

The first Filipino to be recognized as Fellow of the American Academy of Nurses (FAAN);

For her work on children, their development and reaction to illness and hospitalization.


Aurora Santos-Yapchiongco, GN'50, BSN, MA'64, DrPH

Former Assistant Principal, Philippine General Hospital School of Nursing

and Former Dean, University of the Philippines - College of Nursing

For the implementation of the competency -based community -oriented

BSN curriculum which became one of the bases for the designation

of the UPCN as WHO Collaborating Center for Nursing Development in Primary Health Care


 Erlinda Agustin-Simunek, BSN'62, EdD, JD

Founding Dean and Professor, Florida International University School of Nursing

With blended roles as nurse researcher, clinician and attorney connected with

a law firm specializing in personal injury, wrongful death, medical

malpractice, etc; Involved in promoting International Nursing.


Erlinda Ortin, BSN'69, MN'71, MPH'85

Technical Adviser in Nursing, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent

Involved in working for just compensation for nurses in the Philippines which

gained the attention of the International Labor Organization in Geneva.


Mollyn Villareal-Bohnen, BSN'62, MS, MD

Professor, California State University in Sacramento

Prolific researcher and lecturer who has been traveling around the world to share her expertise

with others; Involved in providing opportunities for minority students and foreign nurses.


Feicitas de la Cruz -Millman, GN'59, BSN'65, MA'70, DNSc

Professor, Azusa Pacific University and California State University

Known for her relentless work and research in Home Health Care and her pioneering

spirit in implementing the High Risk Home Health Nursing Clinical Specialty Program.

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