Letty G. Kuan, EdD, MAN, MSN

Named 2019 J. V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor Recipient

Dr. Kuan is a consummate educator, nurse, researcher, nun, counselor, author, mentor and “mother” to many UPCN alumni and nurses from other schools and hospitals whom she considers her big family of “adopted children.”

Dr. Letty G. Kuan (LGK) hails from Katipunan and Dipolog, Zamboanga del Norte, born to parents whose father is a native Chinese businessman and her mother who was a home economics teacher. She is the sixth child in a family of 4 boys and 4 girls, all professionals in the field of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, education and engineering.

She received her early education from Zamboanga Central School, her secondary education from St. Theresa’s College in Cebu City. She obtained her basic nursing degree from the Southern Islands Hospital, School of Nursing, and went on to complete her supplemental baccalaureate nursing degree at St. Paul College in Manila. She completed her graduate studies at the University of the Philippines, College of Nursing (UPCN) and received her Master of Arts in Nursing in 1975, a Master of Science in Counselor Education in 1979, and Doctor of Education, Guidance and Counseling in 1985 (both from UP). She is also a Consecrated Lay Woman, Member of the Notre Dame de Vie Secular Institute. All these educational accomplishments were obtained with high honors and with academic excellence and distinction from her elementary education and leading up to completing her graduate studies.

Dr. Letty G. Kuan is currently Professor Emerita of the UPCN, one of only four faculty (Sotejo, Recio, Kuan, and Corcega) accorded this highest honor, tenure for life. At 82, she is the only living Professor Emerita of the UPCN.

Dr. Kuan is a consummate and innovative educator, consultant, and mentor par excellence. She honed her education skills by earning her Baccalaureate in Nursing, two Master’s and a doctoral degree. Additionally, she continued to expand her knowledge and expertise by obtaining fellowships in Clinical Neuro-Psychology and Neuro-Gerontology (1980-1983), both from La Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, France; Intensive Neuro Sciences (1986, 1997) at the University Hospital of San Diego, CA; Intensive Care (1987) in Geneva, Switzerland; Advanced Gerontology (1989-90, 1993, 1997) at Good Samaritan Hospital, Watertown, NY; Gerontology Intensive Course (1991) at the University of CA, LA; Gerontology Intensive Seminar, Maison Pour Les Pretres Ages (1997) in Avignon, France; Alternative Interventions (1998, 2009) in Nanning, Guangxi, China; Alternative Therapies (2001-2002) at the University of the Philippines; Therapeutic Counseling (2002, 2007, 2009) at Syracuse University, NY; Counseling Across Cultures (2005, 2009) in Long Beach, CA; Counseling for Gender Confused People (2005, 2008- 2010) in Irvine, CA; and multiple update seminars almost annually in these areas of expertise.

She used her knowledge, skills, and education in introducing her clinical specialization in neuro- psychology in the care of patients with Aphasia and Dyslexia. She introduced neuro-psych concepts of care in nursing, guidance and counseling courses as major components in the care of patients with Aphasia and Dyslexia and those affected with ailments of the higher nervous system. This became the impetus in developing the curriculum in graduate courses in UP Manila, La Salle University, San Pedro College, Ph.D. program in Davao, Silliman University, Fr. Saturnino Urios University in Butuan, Cebu Normal University, and Cebu Doctors’ University.

Her expertise in neuro-gerontology became a focus of practice in the Master’s program of the Medical-Surgical Nursing practicum in UPCN. It also became a point of interest in Guidance and Counseling in UP Diliman and in San Pedro College in Davao in their Ph.D. program. She has published textbooks used by various schools of nursing in the Philippines about Caring, Gerontological Care, and Bioethics, as well as journal articles on these and related topics. She frequently conducts presentations in various schools and healthcare organizations all over the Philippines, and this inspired the establishment of the Gerontology Nurses’ Association of the Philippines. She infused her knowledge in this specialization into her other field of expertise, Guidance and Counseling among older persons.

Dr. Kuan has influenced education, not only in nursing and in the UPCN, but also in other schools of nursing and in counseling. She continues to serve as a Consultant to various schools in the development or revision of curricula or programs related to Gerontology, Neuro-Psychology, Counseling, and Bioethics. More so now that she is a Professor Emerita, she is more actively involved as a Consultant, Thesis and Dissertation Adviser or Panel Member, and Adjunct or Visiting Faculty in many schools in the Philippines. She is well known and highly respected for what she contributes to nursing and counseling in the Philippines.

The contributions of Dr. Kuan to the field of nursing are not only in her role as an educator and consultant, but most important, as a mentor to nursing students and nurses pursuing higher

education and leadership roles. All the knowledge, expertise and skills that she has amassed along her way to becoming who is she now, she selflessly shares with her mentees. On her first year (1975) being a member of the faculty of UPCN, she was assigned to serve as the Adviser of Class 1979. This is the biggest undergraduate class, and to date continues to be, because the PGH School of Nursing closed and stopped admitting students in 1975. Over a hundred students, a very heterogeneous group, often defying rules and regulations that it was called “the fearless class.” How appropriate for this class being advised by Dr. Letty G. Kuan, a “consecrated lay woman!” She treated each one of us like her own child, nurtured and watched us metamorphosed into professional registered nurses. Even after graduation, we kept our relationship with her, keeping her abreast of our progress and our lives. We heard from the one other class whom she also advised, Class 1992. She was the same to them as she was to our class. She made sure she knew us and made us feel we can come to her for comfort and advice. In researching other anecdotes of LGK’s mentoring, we came up with at least 25 nurses whom she mentored either as Baccalaureate, Master’s or Doctoral students who have since become successful and hold various positions of influence in the profession of nursing in the Philippines and nationally. Dr. Kuan’s mentoring is not only knowledge-based, but is individualistic, humane, and personal, whereby her mentees consider her role-modeling as significantly influential in their personal and professional trajectory. Her mentoring skills resulted in trailblazers and strongly influential figures in roles as Deans, Vice-Presidents, Full Professors, Chief Nursing Executives, etc.


UPNAAI’s mission is threefold: (1) unite and foster a bond of fellowship, mutual understanding and cooperation among alumni members; (2) strengthen and maintain high standards of the nursing practice profession; and, (3) encourage professional relationship among members, socio-civic activities, and promote goodwill towards the health profession, the community, the country and humanity.

The key to Dr. Letty G. Kuan’s contribution to UPNAAI’s first mission is her personality. She is a role model of an effective educator and mentor because of her pleasant, collaborative and unifying personality. She can bring people together in either good or bad times because of her spirituality, non-threatening and non-judgmental demeanor. This was evident when she was our Class Adviser for four years. Our class being so large in size, where everyone came from varying backgrounds, values and ideals, often had polarizing episodes. She was able to manage our differences and treated us with inclusivity and respected our diversity. This can likewise be said in our experience with her in UPNAAI when she began attending the conventions and became a lifetime member. Her big presence in the conventions during the period of many changes in UPNAAI was reassuring. She provided the Board, Officers, and members the strength necessary to conduct successful and insightful discussions and reflections during the conventions. She was able to draw our class to attend, as well as her other advisory class (Class 1992), and students from other classes, friends, and mentees. She is well respected, not only in UPCN and PGH, but to many other schools and hospitals all over the Philippines. She has mentored many nurses to become successful in their respective professional careers. She is the strength, force and beacon who will continue to provide UPNAAI the momentum, spirit and inspiration for cooperation and fellowship among its alumni members and a stronger organization.

In terms of strengthening and maintaining high standards of nursing practice, her many accomplishments throughout her long professional career speak for itself. She used her clinical fellowships to enhance nursing practice in the Philippines through her continuing education talks in local, national and international conferences on Gerontology, Counseling, Bioethics and Clinical Care. She used her knowledge and expertise to author and co-author at least three books that were used in teaching the care of the elderly, as well as in developing curriculum on the same topics, and teaching these to undergraduate and graduate students. Her caliber of teaching is exceptional and personalized that her students not only remember what she taught and mentored them for, but likewise built a continuing relationship that is binding and maternal. She is a role model that many of her students have attributed their successes to Dr. Kuan’s teaching and mentoring.

As the only living of four Professor Emerita and as a Consecrated Lay Woman, she is often looked upon for wisdom, not only by the UPCN staff, faculty and students, but in the entire University, and by many schools and healthcare organizations in the Philippines. The same is true with UPNAA. The Board and members of UPNAAI look up to her for guidance and counsel. Her mere presence alone draws members, especially those who have a relationship with her, to attend the UPNAAI conventions whenever she is set to attend. I am quite certain if UPNAAI will request Dr. Kuan for help with some of its initiatives, she will not hesitate and will readily become involved to the best of her capability and within the limits of her physical condition. This year marks the 40th jubilee of Class 1979, the biggest class of UPCN. Our class is quite excited about this milestone celebration. At this point, over half of our class either will be attending or are still deciding or waiting for their vacation requests to be approved. Should Dr. Kuan be named the 2019 JVS Medallion of Honor recipient, our class, Class 1992 (her other advisory class), and other alumni will be enticed to attend. This year’s convention will be poised to be one of the more successful conventions that UPNAAI will have. While the height of her professional accomplishments might have been a decade ago, the effects of her work and her mere presence is more than enough “to promote goodwill towards the health profession, the community, the country and humanity.”

Dr. Letty G. Kuan is an avid and passionate learner and teacher. She never stopped learning new concepts and skills, and in turn, shared these acquired knowledge and skills to her nursing students, colleagues and other health care providers, such as neurologists and psychiatrists. Not only did she share her knowledge and skills to fellow professionals, but also to patients, family members, caregivers, community of nuns, nursing aids and the older adults. These educator, mentor, and clinical expert roles of Dr. Kuan are her most important significant and innovative contributions to the nursing profession from early on in her career that continues to have major influences in nursing education and nursing in the Philippines and internationally.

Her pivotal and innovative contributions to the nursing profession are her specializations in Clinical Neuro-Psychology and Neuro-Gerontology obtained in intermittent periods and periodic updates, mostly in France and the United States of America. The focus of her specializations are mostly among gerontology patients and those with aphasia and dyslexia. Her experiences and skills in these specialty fields led to the introduction of neuro-psychology concepts of care in nursing and in guidance and counseling courses which eventually became major points of care among patients with aphasia, dyslexia, and those affected with ailments of the higher nervous system.

Her expertise in these nursing specializations led to curriculum building in graduate programs of major universities and colleges in the Philippines such as the College of Nursing in UP Manila, La Salle University, San Pedro College Ph.D. program in Davao, Silliman University in Dumaguete, Fr. Saturnino Urios University in Butuan, Cebu Normal University, and Cebu Doctors’ University both in Cebu.

She selflessly shared her nursing expertise by conducting retreats and seminars on Neuro-Psych therapeutic counseling to community sisters in the Philippines, including the Dominican sisters, Franciscan sisters, Cannosian sisters, Religious of the Virgin Mary sisters, Carmelite sisters, Ursulines, Poor Clare nuns, and many other diocesan communities of sisters. She extended her expertise to priests and bishops in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, as well as mentoring graduate students and participating in thesis and dissertation panels as Chair.

Neuro-psych therapeutic counseling also became another of Dr. Kuan’s focus of practice, particularly to clients with deficits of the central and peripheral nervous system, referred by neurologists and psychiatrists.

She introduced the concepts, principles and theories about Bioethics from her formal education at the Institute of Religion, Ethics and Law at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. The outcome of her training led to the development of a core course in the Ph.D. Nursing Program and is now a course in the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels of the UPCN. DR. Letty Kuan was also instrumental in the approval of doctoral degrees in nursing at the following institutions: Silliman University in Dumaguete, San Pedro College in Davao, Cebu Normal University in Cebu, and Cebu Doctor’s University in Cebu. Dr. Kuan taught core and specialty courses when these schools first offered their doctoral programs until such time when these schools graduated their own students who took over the faculty roles. Currently, the doctoral programs of these schools are attracting enrollments and have produced graduates and future leaders of the nursing profession in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. She has mentored students who have completed their doctoral degrees and became leaders in academia, healthcare practice and in the regulatory arena in nursing at the national level.

Dr. Kuan’s educator, mentor, and clinical expert roles led to her innovative contributions to nursing practice, education, research, and guidance and counselling. These, in turn, steered attention to LGK by various other schools, healthcare organizations and colleagues to take notice of her remarkable and significant influences in her exemplary practice as an academician, mentor, program developer, speaker, counselor, and researcher.

She authored and co-authored books and book chapters that became the core textbooks in the care of patients with neuro-psychology, neuro-gerontology disorders, and bioethics. She was author of Pag-aaruga sa Taong may Edad na (Appendix D1 - D3) and Essence of Caring (Appendix E1 - E2), co-author of Caring for the Older Adult (Appendix F1-F9) and authored a book chapter in Beyond a Western Ethics (Appendix G1 – G3). Dr. Kuan is dubbed as a Filipino Nursing Theorist. Her theory on “Retirement and Role Discontinuities” is published in the book “Theoretical Foundations of Nursing: The Philippine Perspective” by Dr. Eufemia Octaviano and Dr. Carl Balita.

Dr. Kuan has been a frequent speaker in local and national conferences and published numerous journal articles in peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed publications on these areas of expertise and related topics. An example of her recent talk was during the 2018 Annual Philippine Nurses Association Convention on the topic. “Respecting the Inherent Dignity and Worth of Every Person in the Health System” (Appendix H1 – H3). An example of a recent research was published in the Philippine Journal of Nursing in 2017 with first author Paul Froilan Garma on the topic, “Goal Attainment Theory-Based Empowerment of Chronically-Ill Older Persons in the Community” (Appendix I1 – I2). There were too many others to mention in this narrative.

She is sought after as a Consultant by other schools to help review and revise their graduate curricula and to establish and obtain approvals for their PhD programs. Please refer to paragraphs #3 and #6 in criteria 1 above for the schools that Dr. Kuan served as Consultant and Educator in their respective degree programs. These are the same schools, other than UP College of Nursing and UP Open University (UPOU) where Dr. Kuan mentored many students who eventually became successful in their respective professional careers in the Philippines and internationally. Note that some of her mentees and advisees from the UPOU come from other countries because of the nature of UPOU being the distance education unit of the University of the Philippines System. Some of Dr. Kuan’s mentees and advisees submitted letters supporting her nomination for this prestigious award, named after our Founding Dean, Julita V. Sotejo.

 Dr. Carmencita Abaquin, co-faculty at the UPCN and former Chair, Philippine Board of Nursing wrote, “I will forever be grateful to {Letty] for providing the needed encouragement, motivation and patience.” LGK served as Dr. Abaquin’s Dissertation Adviser.

  Another dissertation advisee, Dr. Carmelita Divinagracia, current member of the Philippine Board of Nursing, wrote, “Dr. Letty Kuan has become my role model, being a top-notch academician, researcher and a prolific writer. Her outstanding leadership in the academe has truly influenced many students both in the undergraduate and graduate programs on the development of competencies on theory development, professionalism, inter-professional relationships and adherence to core values.”

  Dr. Daisy Palompon, Vice-President of Academic Affairs and OIC-Dean, College of Nursing, Cebu Normal University wrote, “[Dr. Kuan] has been a visiting professor and expert mentor in the College of Nursing since the year 2007. She was instrumental in the offering of the first Genrontology Nursing specialization in the Philippines under the Doctor of Science in Nursing program. In her service to the university, she has been an epitome of an academician and theorist with the highest integrity, commitment, love of service, dedication and simplicity. She has always been an advocate of sustaining quality and excellence and her unselfish support to our students and faculty members.”
There are other letters of support that are being submitted with this nomination that corroborate Dr. Kuan’s national and international prestige bringing honor and distinction to the nursing profession, university, and the country.

Dr. Kuan’s outstanding accomplishments that brought honor and prestige to the nursing profession, the University and UPCN were recognized through many awards and honors that she has received. Some of these awards include:

  • Outstanding College Teacher- National Level – given by Metrobank Foundation on Sept. 5, 1995 an awarded by then-President Joseph Estrada. Dr. Kuan was the first UP Manila candidate to win this national award. Out of 360 candidates all over country, only 12 were winners representing elementary, high school, college teachers. Other finalist contenders on this college category came from Ateneo de Manila, La Salle University, UP Diliman and Philippine Normal University. UP Manila won the award for the first time that year. It brought honor to UP Manila and was also awarded funds used to educate and train teachers to become outstanding in their roles and be known nationally and internationally.
  • Outstanding Professional in Nursing National Award – given by the Professional Regulation Commission and awarded by then-President Fidel Ramos on June, 22, 1998. 
  • Award of Distinction given by the Board of the Southern Islands Hospital Alumni Association at Bai Hotel, Cebu City, January 28, 2018. This was in recognition of being a role model among alumni in promoting excellence in research, teaching and practice in nursing. (Attachment C)
  • Other awards received by Dr. Kuan include Outstanding Publication and Author, Care for Older Person – given by Chancellor Perla Santos-Ocampo of the UP Manila during Foundation Day; Outstanding Alumna of UP Manila – given by the Board of Regents of UP and the officials of UP Manila, at the UP Manila Social Hall on June, 1996; and, Outstanding Professional Nurse Teacher – given by the officials of the UP Manila on June 28, 1998 headed by Chancellor Perla Santos-Ocampo on the anniversary celebration of UP Manila Alumni Homecoming.

The hallmark evidence of Dr. Letty G. Kuan’s meeting Criteria #2 of the JVS Medallion of Honor nomination is her status as Professor Emerita. This status of tenured faculty for life is very selective and the criteria are rigorous. In the history of the UPCN, only four have been awarded Emerita status. Founding Dean Julita V. Sotejo was first, followed by Dr. Dolores Recio, then Dr. Letty Kuan (2004), and Prof. Thelma Corcega. Dr. Kuan is the only one living to date. The emerita status is awarded to a professor who has rendered uninterrupted service for at least 20 years, must have written 2 or more books, conducted at least 25 research studies (10 of which as principal investigator), must have been invited as speaker or resource person 100 times or more, garnered excellent or outstanding students, peers, and supervisors’ evaluations for the past ten years, successfully mentored outstanding graduates, no legal or administrative records, demonstrated clinical expertise, and contributed significantly to the University, community and to society, among others.

Notwithstanding the fact that Dr. Letty G. Kuan is a Consecrated Lay Woman, Member of Notre Dame De Vie, known for their selfless charitable work and religious life, she is an individual who has a big heart, full of integrity and credibility, nurturing, and caring.

In characterizing Dr. Letty Kuan’s unique and selfless service to the country and humanity, one can simply summarize this by appreciating her entire personal and professional life. She has dedicated and consecrated her life to helping nursing, the University, our country and the entire humankind. The roles that she has made a name for herself – that of an educator, mentor, clinical expert, and consultant – have all contributed to nursing, country, and humanity.

Dr. Kuan has been a trailblazer and always ahead of her time. She envisioned early on regarding the need for clinical expertise in the care of the elderly. She recognized that those born during the baby boom generation have become older adults and require expert care and counsel to cater to their complex needs. It seems as if she was born with this mission in life. If one were to examine her timeline, she pursued her education with excellence and without interruption. She did not stop after obtaining higher education (two Master’s degrees and am Ed.D.). She continued on by obtaining her clinical fellowship in Neuro-Psych, Neuro-Gerontology, and Bioethics. After obtaining her education and her particular clinical specializations, she translated these into educator, mentor, author, researcher, and speaker roles nationally and internationally, and served as consultant to other schools and healthcare organizations to assist in developing their own programs and graduating their own students with topnotch education and skills.

Her entire life has been devoted to improving the level of knowledge and skills of nurses and the care of older adults with neuro-psych and neuro-cognitive disorders, by disseminating and sharing what she learned from her own education and fellowships. Our class and many others, including other students, colleagues, and staff from the University of the Philippines and those other schools she consulted with, were part of her mission. Her goal is to spread and share what she knows to many more nurses, patients, and communities to improve the profession of nursing, promote health and wellness, and enhance the quality of care rendered to patients.

This selfless spirit in the discharge of her professional responsibilities is very evident whenever she teaches and mentors students and colleagues. She is empathetic, personal, encouraging and non-threatening in her approach. She builds confidence in her mentees and advisees and allows each and every one to assimilate their experiential learning and acquired knowledge to transform themselves into independent, successful experts. One can readily surmise from the attached letters of support from mentees and colleagues describing the kind of Master Educator Dr. Kuan is. She brings out the best in us, eventually multiplying the number of outstanding students and mentees among us and into hundreds and thousands more. The following is a list of some of successful mentees provided to me by Dr. Kuan:

Rozzano Nino Locsin

School: Ph. D. Nursing, UP Manila, College of Nursing, March, 1987
Dissertation Title: “Music Therapy Theory and Pain Relief among Patients with Abdominal Surgery”
Present Activities: Professor Emeritus and mentor at Florida Atlantic University, Fullbright Scholar, Fellow for UNESCO, UNICEF, DOST; Visiting Professor in Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines. He is a theory writer and has written many publications.

Sr. Carolina S. Agravante, SPC

School: Ph.D. Nursing, UP Manila, College of Nursing, March 2002
Dissertation Title: “CASAGRA Transformation Leadership Model for Nurse Instructors” Present Activities: Was Dean and Director of Nursing for the St. Paul Congregation Institutions of Nursing; was President of their school; now Superior of their communities in Manila and their provincial locations.

Carmelita C. Divinagracia

School Ph.D. Nursing, UP Manila, College of Nursing, March 2002
Dissertation Title: “COMPOSURE Theory of specialized Cardiovascular Nursing Care” Present Activities: Was President of the Associations of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing for several years, was Dean and Director of the University of the East, Ramon

Magsaysay, College of Nursing in Quezon City; now in retirement but remains a member of the Board of Nursing, Professional Regulation Commission.

Ludy Ramos

School: PhD. Nursing, UP Manila, College of Nursing. March 2003
Dissertation Title: “LOVE Theory of Learning and Teaching”
Present Activities: Received a job promotion and became Dean at St. Louis University in Baguio; mentored and developed many nursing leaders in Baguio and now has her own educational enterprise in the Mountain Province and Ifugao regions.

Carmencita M. Abaquin

School: Ph.D. Nursing, UP Manila, College of Nursing, March, 2003
Present Activities: Was College Secretary and Faculty of UP Manila College of Nursing; Became Presidents of Alumni and Foundation Associations; Chair, Board of Nursing, Professional Regulation Commission for 10 years and now in retirement; active in church organizations and other subdivision activities; 2018 J. V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor recipient.

Marylou B. Ong

School: Cebu Normal University, Cebu City - Doctor Science in Nursing, Gerontology (DScN), May 2011
Dissertation Title: “Transformation of Depressed Elderly Patients Toward Attaining Biological Joy: A Theory”

Present Activities: Was Dean, Director of several positions at Cebu Normal University, Faculty Mentor of nursing instructors, active in several associations both locally and nationally.

Sr. Remegia M. Cirujales, RVM

School: University of Santo Tomas, Manila, College of Nursing. Ph.D. (Development Studies) May, 2011
Dissertation Title: “Filipino Migration, Trends, Policies, Governance and Development” Present Activities: Was promoted to Dean of their College of Nursing at University of Immaculate Conception, Davao City; served as superior of several communities of the Religious of the Virgin Mary, and remains active in the religious congregation.

Jose C. Dagoc Jr.

School: San Pedro College, Davao City. Ph.D. Nursing, June 2012
Dissertation Title: “The JCD Support System Theory and Clinical Nursing Performance” Present Activities: Was Head and Department Chief, Dean, Lead Faculty and now Vice- President of the Notre Dame University in Marbel, Cotabato and Supervising CEO of their branches in General Santos institutions.

Bishnu Bishta (Nepalese)

School: Cebu Normal University, Cebu City. Doctor of Science in Nursing Gerontology (DScN), July 2013
Dissertation Title: “Sexuality and Graceful Aging Theory: The Filipino Culture Context” Present Activities: Became Dean of the Tansen Nursing School in Ghopa, Dharan, was Lead Faculty and Consultant in BP Koirala Institute of Health Science and in Kathmandu. She is now one of the prominent nursing leaders in Nepal.

Gloria Cunanan

School: San Pedro College, Davao City, Ph.D. Nursing, April, 2014
Dissertation Title: “Lived Experience of Filipino Nurses on Spiritual Care of End-of-Life Patients”
Present Activities: Became Senior Faculty of Lourdes College of Nursing, Cagayan de Oro City, headed committees of the school, active in their parochial activities and got involved in national nursing organizations, and also teaches in colleges of nursing in Cagayan de Oro City and nearby cities.

Lydia T. Manahan

School: Silliman Univeristy, Dumaguete City, Ph.D. Nursing, March, 2014
Dissertation Title: “Profile of Filipino Caregivers and Contexts of Care giving Levels of Burden of Caring for Patients with Dementia”
Present Activities: Promoted to Associate Professor level after her doctoral graduation, employed as full time faculty in UP Manila College of Nursing, became college Secretary, and promoted to Head of HRDO of UP Manila. Founding president of the Gerontology Nurses of the Philippines and is involved in several Associations related to Gerontology and gives seminars all over the Islands and as retiree, gives lectures to several Nursing colleges in the provinces and in Manila.

Cynthia S. Superable

School: Cebu Normal University, Cebu City, Doctor of Science in Nursing Gerontology (DScN), October 2014
Dissertation Title: Theory of Connectedness through Social Networking toward the Wellbeing of Senior Citizens”

Present Activities: Became Dean of Misamis College of Nursing in Mindanao, has been President of several nursing organizations in Ozamis City, and an active consultant in nursing in many colleges of nursing in Mindanao.

Cristy Gabule Dablo

School: Cebu Normal University, Cebu City, Doctor of Science in Nursing Gerontology (DScN), September, 2015
Dissertation Title: “Development and Validation of C.R.Y.S.T.A.L. Adjustment Theory” Present Activities: Head of Nursing in Misamis, Mindanao, active leader in many nursing organizations in Northern Mindanao and Lecturer in many colleges of nursing in Misamis.

Daisy Regis Palompon

School: Cebu Normal University, Cebu City. Doctor of Science in Nursing Gerontology (DScN), August, 2016
Present Activities: Was Dean of the CNU, College of Nursing; Director of Research and Publication, CNU; OIC-President of CNU for 8 months in 2017 and now Vice President and Executive Director, Planning and Management, Cebu Normal University, Cebu City.

Minnie Besin Mamaug

School: Cebu Normal University, Cebu City, Doctor of Science of Nursing Gerontology (DScN), March, 2017
Dissertation Title: “Death and Acceptance Theory”
Present Activities: Became Senior Faculty of Mindanao State University, Iligan, now heads many committees of the University and is Lead Faculty in the teaching program; very active in many school and church activities in Iligan City, Mindanao.

Abdullah Junior Serad Mangarun

School: Cebu Normal University, Cebu City, Doctor of Science Nursing Gerontology, (DScN), March, 2017
Dissertation Title: “Theory of Remarriage in Widowhood”
Present Activities: Heads major programs of teaching and development at Mindanao State University, Iligan; active in research work, promotes cultural aspects of Muslim Mindanao through educational modules and active in many nursing organizations.

Mae-Lanie Ong Poblete

School: Cebu Normal University, Cebu City, March 2017.
Dissertation Title: “The Journey of Transcendence Theory as Applied Among Older Persons”
Present Activities: Promoted as Head and Director of Research and Publication Program of Mindanao State University, Iligan; actively conducts research on aspects relative to older adults; active faculty member of Mindanao State University and involved in many nursing and university organizations.

Madeleine Zamayla

School: San Pedro College, Davao City, Ph.D. Nursing, March 2018
Dissertation Title: “Construction and Validation of Spirituality Care Tool”
Present Activities: Dean of the College of Nursing in Cagayan de Oro City, and is now the General Director of the Health Services of the Reina Health Medical Center in Cagayan. She serves as Consultant in many hospitals and colleges of nursing.

To highlight once more, some of her most important contributions to the country and humanity include the following:

Through honest and diligent effort, she rose from Instructor to Full Professor with progressive promotions in faculty rank, leaving meritorious and indelible imprints on students and colleagues, and ultimately being awarded the very prestigious rank of “Professor Emeritus,” faculty tenure for life
Her expertise in Neuro-Gerontology became a focus of practice in the Master’s Program of Medical-Surgical Nursing practicum at the University of the Philippines, College of Nursing
Neuro-Gerontology and Neuro-Psychology became a point of interest and specialization in the field of Guidance and Counseling in UP Diliman and in the Ph.D. program (Nursing) of San Pedro College in Davao, as well as in nursing practice among older persons
Her field of specialization became topics in master’s theses and doctoral dissertations in Cebu Normal University, Silliman University, UPCN and Cebu Doctors’ University where she served as Chair or Adviser of the students’ thesis/dissertation panels
Introduced the concepts, principles and theories of Bioethics, which became a core course in the Ph.D in Nursing program and incorporated Philosophy in the doctoral curriculum. Bioethics is now a course in the Master’s and Bachelor’s levels
Provided assistance and consultancy to the following institutions during the application and approval of their doctoral degree offerings: Silliman University in Dumaguete, San Pedro College in Davao, Cebu Normal University and Cebu Doctors’ University, both in Cebu. All these institutions are now approved and are offering doctoral degrees in Nursing. Dr. Kuan became the inaugural faculty and taught major courses during the start-up of their programs until these schools graduated their first cohort of students who took over the faculty roles. These programs are now up and running, with a regular stream of enrollees and graduates
Collaborated with health care providers such as neurologists and psychiatrist in the care of older persons, particularly those with nervous system ailments and with problematic neurological behavior and actuations. Her interprofessional collaboration resulted in improved outcomes of care of older persons
Authored books and journal articles used in teaching the care of the older adult and the relevance of bioethics
Conducted and facilitated seminars attended by lay people such as family members, caregivers, nursing aids and older people. These lay attendees incorporated healthy caring concepts learned from the seminars and translated into the enhancement of the care of older persons
Was a former member of the Board of Nursing, Professional Regulation Commission, from December 2002 to November 2006
Her passion and knowledge for Gerontology inspired the founding of the Gerontology Nurses’ Association of the Philippines
Organized meaningful organizations in the College of Nursing, such as the Faculty Students Relationship Committee (FSRC), Counseling Nooks for students’ needs such as effective writing, conducting research, and writing for publications among students and colleagues
Assisted many students and staff with their problems through her guidance and counseling skills, which extended to their relatives and friends. Physicians refer their patients to Dr. Kuan, those who need counseling and guidance, often pro bono

Helped to organize nursing clinics for UPCN and introduced health and wellness programs and initiatives for older persons.

She has been recognized with many prestigious awards nationally, as well as in the University of the Philippines, UP Manila and UPCN, and by her undergraduate school and alumni association for all the glory and honors that she has brought to nursing and to improve humanity.

As Professor Emerita, Dr. Kuan continued to teach one course per semester at the UPCN in the PhD program until last term (Fall 2018) when she began to transition and focus her time more towards consultancy and spiritual work. She continues to advice students who are in the thesis and dissertation phases of their education. Dr. Kuan remains agile and able to travel to other schools all over the Philippines as thesis and dissertation adviser.

According to one mentee (Lydia Manahan) who wrote a letter of support for Dr. Letty Kuan, “this nomination is a bit late but this year [is] the best time to honor her. She is the only living Prof. Emerita of the college,” and her legacy is so remarkable and outstanding not to be recognized.

At over 80 years of age, she remains relentless, selfless, and dedicated to her professional role and mission in life. It is just fitting that UPNAAI honors this humble, honorable, caring, clinical and education expert, and mentor, which are values that our Founding Dean Julita V. Sotejo instilled in all of us. I am sure the late JVS will be mighty proud to bestow the award named after her to Dr. Letty G. Kuan. Class 1979, our class that continues to hold the title of “the biggest and fearless” at the UPCN will be so excited to have Dr. Letty Kuan as UPNAAI’s honoree for its 40th Annual Convention and Educational Conference. As UPNAAI celebrates forty years, our class will be likewise celebrating our 40th (Ruby) jubilee. Dr. Kuan having earned her MS in Education in 1979 is also a Ruby Jubilarian. How fitting to have our Class Adviser, Class 1979 and UPNAAI celebrating together these very momentous milestones!

Respectfully yours,

Jean Beloy-Doria, DNP, RN
Class President, UPCN BSN 1979 Lifetime Member, UPNAAI

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