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  • 15 Dec 2014 11:00 AM | Deleted user

    On December 12, 2014, Iren Bobis Roldan, treasurer of the University of the Philippines Nursing Alumni Association International (UPNAAI, Inc), turned-over the following UPNAAI funds to the University of the Philippines College of Nursing Foundation, Inc. (UPCNFI) & the University of the Philippines Foundation Inc. (UPFI) in the amounts specified below. Ms. Roldan received the signed acknowledgments of receipt of the funds from UPCNFI & UPFI.

    These UPNAAI funds are intended for the following University of the Philippines College of Nursing (UPCN) accreditation-related projects necessary to comply with the level two accreditation requirements of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU) that were approved by the UPNAAI Board of Directors chaired by Jesusa Santa Barbara Czach in November 2014.

    $1,773.00 (approximately PhP 78,000.00) to pay for the 6-month salary of a project assistant who will help UPCN prepare for the March 2015 Level 2 accreditation with the Philippine Accreditation Association of Schools, Colleges, & Universities (PAASCU).

    $1,700.00 (approximately PhP 75,000.00) to fund the research entitled “Competency Assessment in the Nursing Curriculum: A Product Evaluation Approach (Proponents: Arnold B. Peralta, RN, MAN, MHPEd & Luz Barbara P. Dones, RN, MP

    The donations to UPCNFI (coursed through UPNAAI) from the following donors were for the specific accreditation-related projects below:

    $136.00 (approximately PhP 6,000.00) donation from the UP Nurses of the East Coast (UPN-EC) Chapter of UPNAAI as additional contribution towards the research project entitled “Factors Affecting Student Attrition at the UPCN with a proposed budget of PhP 50,000. (Proponent: Erwin William A. Leyva, MPH, RN). Note: Lanel Silvers, UPN-EC Chapter’s President authorized UPCNFI to release $1000.00 to UPCN from the UPN-EC funds that’s held in trust by UPCNFI to fully fund this research. (UPN-EC’s total donation towards this research project is $1,136.00).

    $300.00 (approximately PhP 13,250.00) donation from the UPNAA’s DelMarVa Chapter to fully fund the research entitled “Alumni Tracking System.”

    The University of the Philippines Foundation Inc. (UPFI) also acknowledged receipt of the UPCN Class 1979’s 2014 donation coursed through UPNAAI in the amount of $3,050.00 intended for the UPCN Class 1979 Faculty Educational Endowment Fund managed by UPFI, thereby increasing the grand total class donation to this particular Endowment Fund to approximately $38,113.41 plus allocated earnings (October 39, 2009-December 31, 2014). Based on the UPFI’s official report on the status of this endowment fund, two deductions were made from the allocated earnings in the following amounts: (1) PhP Pesos 86,000.00 (Grant to Mr. Erwin William Leyva) and (2) PhP 55,000.00 (Grant to Peter James B. Abad).

    UPCNFI also acknowledged receipt of the $10,000.00 from UPNAAI care of Iren Roldan. This amount was donated by UP-PGHSN & UPCN Class 1969 to the UPCNFI for the purpose of purchasing and updating audio-visual equipment for the University of the Philippines College of Nursing (UPCN) Auditorium and the Seminar room. The check for this donation cleared in January 2015, so the withdrawal from the UPNAAI funds was not included in the 2014 UPNAAI Treasurer’s Finance Report.

    December 12, 2014, UPCN Dean’s Office, Manila, Philippines L-R: Joji Acop (UPCNFI Secretary), Dr. Cecile Laurente, UPCN Dean Lourdes Marie Tejero, Iren Roldan (UPNAAI Treasurer), and Bettina Evio (UPCNFI Treasurer) (Note: not in photo: Dr. Cel Balabagno (UPCNFI President) who was out of the country)

    L-R: Joji Acop (UPCNFI Secretary) Prof. Leggs Manahan, Dr. Cecile Laurente, UPCN Dean Ludy Tejero Iren Roldan (UPNAAI Treasurer), Bettina Evio (UPCNFI Treasurer), and Pearl Cervantes (UPCN Admin.Officer)

    Standing L-R: Joji Acop, Iren Roldan, and Dean Ludy Tejero. Seated: Dr. Cecille Laurente with a copy of the 2014 UPNAAI Yearbook (courtesy of UPNAAI)

  • 15 Nov 2014 12:20 PM | Deleted user

    by Luz Buenavista Tungpalan, BSN’63, MA’76 
    Former UPCN Dean

    Without the shadow of a doubt, Dean Teodora A. Ignacio is the compleat University of the Philippines College of Nursing (UPCN) alumna. One of the first graduates of the BSN (post-basic) course, she was hand-picked to become a member of the UPCN faculty. Dean Sotejo referred to her as a "thinker." Aside from becoming UPCN Alumni Association (UPCNAA) president, she was UPCN dean. The UPCN Foundation is her brainchild. All these years, she has always been there for us, former students and UPCN alumni.

    She turned 93 November 9, 2014. On November 11, 2014 several of us went to 725 Major Samala St, Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite to wish her all the best for this new year. It was a lovely day. We rode in the College vehicle and enjoyed the non-stop reminiscences of life at the College of Nursing way back when and got to Binakayan in time for lunch. We brought lumpiang sariwa and mushroom siopao plus rosquillos, but Dean Dora and Ruby (her niece) had a feast waiting for us.

    Dean Ignacio is doing very well, thank God. Ramrod straight, although she keeps a cane with her. Her memory is still sharp. She stays with Ruby at the latter's house now - they both have houses in the compound where there are a lot of fruit trees, vegetables, and flowering plants. Such a calming atmosphere.

    We tarried at lunch because there was so much to partake of, to "taste", and also because of the insistence of our hosts. Let the pictures do the talking ...

    November 11, 2014 Binakayan, Philippines. L-R: Dean Cel Balabagno, Dean Ignacio, Dean Luz Tungpalan, Dean Cecile Laurente November 11, 2014, Binakayan, Philippines, L-R: Dean Ignacio's cousin, Joji Acop, Dean Cecile Laurente, Celia Llamas, Susan Pagsibigan, Dean Luz Tungpalan, Ruby, Dean Ignacio, Dr. Letty Kuan, Dean Cel Balabagno

  • 25 Oct 2014 8:00 PM | Deleted user

    by Lyvia M. Villegas, GN'68, BSN'71

    On October 19, 2014, Ida Robillon-Santos, GN’68 led the initial meeting of the proposed UPNAAI/Las Vegas Chapter held at the Grand Café of the Red Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Present were Las Vegas residents Ida and spouse Vladi (Associate LM), Luz Micabalo, BSN’58, Connie Oliveros, BSN’67, and Ida’s supporters from California, Delia Reyes, GN’68, and Lyvia Villegas, GN’68 with spouse Rudy (Associate LM). The group reviewed the SW/NW membership list provided by Gloria Smitka, Chairman of the Membership Committee. By the time the meeting culminated, the initial Las Vegas region expanded to cover the whole state of NV, AZ, NM, UT, and WA. The goal for the next meeting was for the core members to report on the outcome of their solicitation of membership.

    The second meeting was held on November 22, 2014 via teleconference. The attendees were: Delia Bartolini, GN’69, Nati Mercado, GN’68, Connie Oliveros, Ida and Vladi Santos, Lyvia and Rudy Villegas. The group reported on their assigned tasks. Delia Bartolini was the new participant, a result of e-mailing efforts of Lyvia and Gloria. The tremendous solicitation efforts resulted in 14 members (including the core group) who expressed interest in support of the proposed chapter with 5 members for follow-up by their classmates. The goal is to meet the minimum number of 20 members who are UP nurses. It is obvious that the group is close to meeting their target. Vladi’s search of the regional coverage for the NW/SW regions of the US resulted in the inclusion of the Rocky Mountain Region and the Pacific States. The states covered are: Rocky Mountain Region (RMR): AZ, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, UT, and WY. The Pacific States (PS): AK, CA HI, OR, and WA

    The group agreed on the proposed chapter name as UPNAA-RMRPSC which stands for the University of the Philippines Nursing Alumni Association-Rocky Mountain Region-Pacific States a.k.a. HUWAWCINNAMON (acronym for Hawaii, Utah, Wyoming, Alaska, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Oregon, and Northern California). The writer acknowledges the Santos’ creativity in coming up with the unique acronym.

    The Constitution and By Laws (CBL) drafted by Vladi, has been reviewed by Marlene Chance, Jesusa "Toots" Czach, Nelson Borrero, and this writer who anticipates that by spring the group is ready to elect its officers and the process for chapter application will follow. There is no doubt that this new chapter in formation will be installed in California at the UPNAAI’s 36th annual convention.

    October 19, 2014, Grand Café of the Red Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Initial meeting of the group. Clockwise: Luz Micabalo, BSN’58, Delia Reyes, GN’68, Ida Santos, GN’68, Vladi Santos, Associate Life Member Connie Oliveros, BSN’67, and Lyvia Villegas, GN’68. Photo courtesy of Rudy Villegas, Associate Member.

  • 25 Aug 2014 10:00 AM | Deleted user


    (February 8, 1934 – August 24, 2014)

    A Legacy of Leadership

    by Nelson Borrero

    On a sunny July afternoon, prior to the momentous celebration in New York, Rudy and Lyvia Villegas, and Merle Borrero and I, visited Luz and Bernard (Bud) Latus at their San Diego home. This was an opportunity to present Luz the Coral Jubilee award which reads: "LUZ M. LATUS, President 1992 – 1993, in appreciation and as a testimony of her meaningful role in building a strong and united global University of the Philippines Nursing Alumni Association International (UPNAAI, Inc.) that is celebrating a significant milestone, 35 years of excellence." With Bud by her side, Luz held the crystal trophy with such manifest admiration. The profound joy at seeing the organization she helped fashion arrive at this milestone was all written in her countenance, forgetting at least for a moment the enormous physical pain brought about upon by her ailment.

    Luz was an active and very committed UPNAAI member. The first meeting she presided as president of the University of the Philippines Nursing Alumni Association of California (UPNAAC, Inc.) in 1992 was spent listening to her team’s clamor to formally expand the association beyond the borders of California. She sought my assistance for recommendations to have a very dynamic group that could respond to a new healthcare environment and changing paradigm. It was during her presidency that the Constitution and By Laws were revamped, UPNAAC was changed to UPNAAI, and its scope from a statewide to a nationwide organization. It was after her term that the Secretary of State of California approved the new name and scope. The term "lifetime members" were changed to "life members," with the board’s unanimous consent that life members’ names will continue to be honored in the membership roll every year even after their life time. "Life membership" referred to the life of the association, not the life time of the individuals. Luz was loyal and devoted to the organization. She defended its integrity when UPNAAI was under unfounded scrutiny, and drove all the way from San Diego to Los Angeles to join a meeting with colleagues in an effort to strengthen the cohesion and bond of fellowship.

    The Julita V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor award was established during Luz’ term with emphasis on service to country and humanity (Servitium Patriae et Humanitate). With the selection of extremely qualified awardees, it became an institution that it is today, the highest University of the Philippines nursing alumni award. Indeed, it is a great honor to be with and be amongst our select community of achievers.

    The legacy of Luz is by no means limited to the accomplishments of her presidency. Her classmates, colleagues, and friends would certainly recall this U.P. nurse and husband Bernard with camera on hand taking photos of his lovely wife - a perfect picture of love and affection. For those who knew her well, she was a loving wife, caring mother, and a good friend. Her close friend, Blanca S. Paloma, expressed that "Luz was very sensitive to the needs of her friends; she was very compassionate to her patients and was well liked by them." She will surely be missed.

    Unable to thwart her illness, Luz Latus answered the call of the Lord on August 24, 2014. UPNAAI and its members mourn her passing, but also celebrate her life. Indeed, it was her desire to remake the foundation which drove the subsequent leaders to build upon it and to mold today’s UPNAAI. Luz will always be remembered for her leadership, her values, and what she stood for. We will love you always, Luz. May you rest in peace.

  • 20 Aug 2014 9:00 AM | Deleted user

    The University of the Philippines Nursing Alumni Association International's 35th Annual Reunion & Coral Jubilee on August 1 & 2, 2014 at The Wyndham New Yorker Hotel in New York City was an awesome & highly inspiring weekend hosted by the University of the Philippines-Nurses of the East Coast (UPN-EC) Chapter. The 2014 Reunion Theme was "Global Leadership: Breaking Barriers."

    The very successful & memorable event was graced by the presence of our precious 2014 Jubilarians (classes ending in 4 & 9), our new UP College of Nursing (UPCN) Dean Lourdes Marie Tejero, past UPNAAI Presidents like Mama Flor Sison Castelo (UPNAAI's first President, Class‘50), former Julita V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor Awardees, the 2014-2015 UPNAAI Board of Directors chaired by Jesusa Santa Barbara Czach (UPNAAI President, Class‘79), representatives & officers from UPNAAI's three chapters, other batches (1946, 1948, 1950, 1963, & 1975), families, friends, & guests.

    There were 108 attendees at the breakfast education conference, 170 at the Luncheon Reunion/Roll Call, and 245 at the Dinner Dance. It was truly a blessing to see all the guests, alumni, & jubilarians from the Philippines, Canada, the local New York/New Jersey areas, other US states like CA, TX, VA, FL, AZ, GA, UT, IL, NV, & others. It was exhilarating to welcome the newly installed University of the Philippines Nursing Alumni Association -Texas (UPNAA-TX) Chapter represented by members of their Board of Directors chaired by Susan V. Garaygay (UPNAA-TX President) from Class of 1968. The UPN-EC and DelMarVa chapter representatives were present at the investiture ceremony during the Gala night including Lanel Silvers (UPN-EC President) from Class ‘81. UPNAAI applauds the 2014 Julita V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor awardee, Dr. Dula Fara-on Pacquiao, EdD, RN, CTN-A, TNS, the UPCN Class‘68 President & Valedictorian. UPNAAI is also grateful for the outstanding academic lectures and various poster presentations during the breakfast conference. We are deeply impressed with our young, bright, and capable Dean Lourdes Marie Tejero, the new UP College of Nursing Dean from Class'93. Dean Tejero upholds and executes the traditional UP excellence and balances this serious responsibility with a very motivating and delightful personality.

    UPNAAI is very thankful and deeply touched by the outpouring of generous donations from the UP Nursing alumni classes: Class'68, Class'69, Class'74, Class‘79, Class'84, & Class'89 and others. UPNAAI & UPN-EC are grateful for the beautiful jewelries and TV donated by our kind vendors. We are so elated to see that winners of the 50/50 and the TV donated their winnings to UPCN.

    Please come and join us on August 7-8, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency of Orange County (11999 Harbor Blvd., Garden Grove, CA 92840) to celebrate UPNAAI's 36th Anniversary and honor our 2015 Jubilarians from the following classes: 1945, 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, and 2010. The 2015 UPNAAI Convention theme is "Transforming the Future: Waves of Change, Oceans of Opportunity." Please visit the UPNAAI.org website and UPNAAI's facebook page (www.facebook.com/upnaai) for more information regarding the 2015 registration brochure, the advertisement in the 2015 UPNAAI yearbook, and booking your room at the venue to avail of the discounted blocked room rates. We also encourage all our UP nursing alumni to join UPNAAI as life members. Please download the membership form from the UPNAAI.org website. We look forward to seeing you at UPNAAI's 36th Convention in Southern California.


    UPNAAI's 35th Convention Gala Night August 2, 2014 The Wyndham New Yorker's Grand Ballroom, New York City, New York: UPNAAI Board of Directors & Advisers; Top Row L-R: Jesusa Santa Barbara'79 (President), UPCN Dean Lourdes Tejero'93, 5 Advisers/Past Presidents Jessie Ivins'69, Nati Matitu-Mercado”68, Lyvia Villegas'68, Dors Maligalig'72 & Mely de Leon (not in the photo). Bottom Row L-R: Marlene Chance'75 (Board Member), Edmund JY Pajarillo'79 (1st VP), Susan Garaygay'68 (Board Member), Emerita Goodrich'74 (2nd VP), Gloria Smitka'69 (3rd VP), Perry Francisco'69 (Correspondence Secretary), Iren Bobis Roldan'69 (Treasurer), Leonila Navarro Mariazeta'79 (PRO), Theresa Liboro Abad'81 (Board Member), Lachme Sullesta'68 (Board Member)

    UPNAAI Governing Board Meeting August 2, 2014 at The Wyndham New Yorker Hotel, New York City, New York. UPNAAI Board of Directors, Advisers/Past Presidents, and chapter representatives from UPN-EC, DelMarVa, & UPNAA-TX chapters with UPCN Dean Lourdes Marie Tejero'93 (Sitted, 3rd from the left), UPNAAI's 1st President Floresinda Sison Castelo'50 (Sitted, 4th from the right), & UPNAAI's 17th President Jesusa Santa Barbara Czach'79 (Sitted, 3rd from the right) and others not included in the photo. Photo courtesy of Rudy Villegas.

    Dance Presentation by the host chapter, the University of the Philippines Nurses of the East Coast (UPN-EC) - Dueling Dancers: Tinikling versus Cowboys

  • 15 Aug 2014 12:00 PM | Deleted user

    The newly formed University of the Philippines Nursing Alumni Association -Texas (UPNAA-TX) chapter was presented and formally recognized during the investiture ceremony at The Wyndham New Yorker Hotel in New York, New York on August 2, 2014 during the University of the Philippines Nursing Alumni Association International’s 35th Annual Convention & Coral Jubilee.

    The Investiture Ceremony was led by the UPNAAI President Jesusa Santa Barbara Czach (2nd from the left) & Lyvia Mendoza Villegas, UPNAAI Past President (not in the picture). The UPNAA-TX attendees included the UPNAA-TX’s President, Susan Vicencio-Garaygay(3rd from the left) , Nikki Stiffin, (Treasurer), Debbe Butuyan (Auditor,) and chapter members, Mary Alba Fiecas, Teri Pulanco, Brian Butuyan, Maria Rico Combong, and Dr. Marilyn Patillo. Also in the photo is Theresa Liboro Abad, UPNAAI Board member & the UPN-EC Chapter’s past President (1st from the left).

    August 2, 2014 - UPNAA-TX Investiture Ceremony at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel, New York, NY

  • 10 Aug 2014 12:00 AM | Deleted user

    by Susan Vicencio-Garaygay'68

    Soon after the University of the Philippines Nursing Alumni Association International's 35th annual convention & Coral Jubilee at The New Yorker Hotel in New York City, New York, a group of the University of the Philippines nursing alumni boarded the bus early Sunday morning of August 3, 2014 to embark on a six-day voyage that covered a number of acclaimed places such as Philadelphia, Washington, District of Columbia, & Niagara Falls that eventually continued on to Canada. Most of the travelers, though weary-eyed due to lack of much needed sleep as a result of the previous night's "partying,” graciously kept or "pretend" to lend an attentive ear to our tourist guide, Patrick, who arduously rendered some historical account on the places we were about to visit. At lunch time, we finally reached Philadelphia where those who were visiting for the first time eagerly sought out joints that would serve the infamous "Philly" steak sandwich. After a few photo shoots outside and around Independence Hall, and with Patrick's persistence, the group reluctantly boarded the bus to continue its journey towards Maryland where we finally turned in for the night to recuperate (from the long hours of utilizing our gluteus maximus). It was everyone's hope to get a good night's rest to replenish our energy needed for the anticipated trek towards the nation's capital (Washington, DC) the following day.

    After some spotty thundershowers the night before, the following day (Aug.4) promised us a beautiful one. So, the bus went on to Washington, DC with a reminder (from Patrick) that we will be heading back to Corning, NY to reach Niagara Falls before nightfall. Having been to Washington, DC more than a decade ago, I was personally astounded at the many transformation the city has been through.

    The National Air & Space Museum offered a virtual journal of mankind's air travel - from the first airplane (a practical fixed-wing aircraft) invention of the Wright brothers to the current advances of space travel. After the "oohs" and the "aahhs" looking at the museums' offerings, the group then proceeded to the Vietnam and Korean War Veterans Memorial. Both are architectural tributes to the men and women who died in the service to our country. We certainly did not miss visiting the iconic Lincoln Memorial that faces the infamous Washington Monument that compelled one to reflect on the long lasting significance of the principles of governance laid down by the forefathers when this great nation was created. A brief stop by the reflection pool at the US Capitol afforded another opportunity to use our iPad, iPhone, digital cameras, etc. to record our presence on these historical sites.

    It was a challenge for Patrick to get us back on the bus so we can proceed to the White House. Unfortunately, as we were slowly meandering on foot towards the designated location where the public is allowed to view the Presidential abode from the outside, a group of uniformed government authorities came by and ordered everybody to turn around and go back where we all came from. Needless to say, it was such a disappointment! As I said earlier, having been to DC in the past, before "terrorist" became a household word, I have to be content at relying on my aging brain to recall the various rooms and the insides of this significant house.

    So, back to the bus, we headed to Corning, N.Y. where we visited the Corning Museum. We were delighted to see a live demonstration of how a glass pitcher was created. There were prizes in the likes of corning glass products awarded to winners of the drawing. Unfortunately, no one among us was lucky enough to get a prize. After having our appetites whet looking at the museum's wonderful display of hundreds of various glass creations that included a gorgeous glass chandelier, a chess set with glass figures, a chair resembling a throne, paper weights in various sizes, colors, theme, and jewelry of all sorts, we proceeded to meander around the museum shop looking for replicas or some unique piece to purchase.

    Nearing night time, we finally reached Niagara Falls, N.Y. and if not because of hunger pangs, a few of us who are avid gardeners could have opted to skip dining to visit the gardens around the Falls and see the various flowers and shrubs that are local to the area. We then proceeded to the Rainbow Bridge that connects the two Niagara towns (NY & Canada) where we had a glimpse of the infamous Niagara Falls from the US side. The group hang around long enough to wait for the colored lights that went up providing illumination to the cascading waters of the falls allowing another photo op.

    Bone weary after a long day of travel, we checked in late at our designated lodging - the last stop at the US side of the border, anticipating the following day's onward journey to Canada.

    On Aug. 5, our 3rd day of travel, the Canadian rain showers greeted us upon stepping out of the bus. Since Patrick was the only one among us who carried a huge umbrella, I decided that it was the opportune time to get chummy with him as we hurriedly tread towards the boats that will take us to the "Maid of the Mist" ride to see Niagara Falls up close. We were provided (red) raincoats both to identify which group we belong to and protect us from getting drenched from the heavy fine mists as the boat approaches the cascading waters of the falls. It was indeed a tremendous and overwhelming experience eyeing the magnificence of the sight that cemented the fact that nature is indeed mightier than man!

    After such an exhilarating jaunt, we proceeded to the revolving restaurant of the Skylon Tower for lunch where we enjoyed our delectable choices off of the menu as we marveled at the 360 degree view of the Niagara Falls. What a sight it was!

    Having consumed a fine, full meal ending with a dessert, I did not think that my soporific state would allow me to keep awake when we went on to the Niagara Falls IMAX to watch a movie depicting the historical and mythical background of the falls. The movie was both informative and a fascinating legendary account of the young Indian maiden who chose to perish in the cascading waters of the falls to restore her family's honor upon refusing to be the bride of the leader of her tribe.

    After the movie, we went sight-seeing around the Toronto business district that afforded a glimpse of the CN Toronto Tower. This is one of Canada's icon having been dubbed as the tallest structure in the world at the time of its completion in 1976. We also had the chance to see the Richardson Romanesque architectural structure of the Ontario Legislative Building built in 1893 and currently functions as the parliamentary building of the province of Ontario. The group then made a short stop downtown Toronto to see both the old and the new City Hall that houses the city's municipal government—another photo op.

    The group then proceeded to the University of Toronto campus for further sight-seeing. Aside from being considered as the best university in Canada, it is also known as one of the top 30 institute of higher learning in the world. Next stop was Chinatown where we had a traditional Chinese style family dinner. To walk off the "calories" after a huge meal, several folks went hunting for our native Philippine treats such as "hopia", "siopao", "champoy/dikyam", etc. to purchase. What was sought after by most, especially those who have not visited the old country for some time now, were long-time favorites such as lanzones, atis, and chico. It was a big "let down" to most when the fervent hunt bear "fruitless." However, upon returning to the bus, our tour guide magically produced a number of "atis" which he himself purchased somewhere in Chinatown and then put them up for auction! As a gesture of gratitude after reaping profit from the auction, he offered to rent a car and go back to Chinatown the following day to purchase both "atis" and "chico" for those who lost in the auction and promised to look for "lanzones". A long list of orders was then drawn!

    Day 4 (Aug. 6) was a special day for Class '68 to meet classmates residing in Canada, Chicago and Michigan who were unable to attend the N.Y. reunion. Our Canadian counterpart fondly dubbed as the "Toronto Team" hosted a picnic at Mississauga, Ontario (an area close to Toronto) where we feasted on several delectable Filipino dishes much to our stomach's content. The place was spectacular with the panoramic view of the blue waters of the lake scattered with sailboats gently billowing across. Needless to say, even with a bit of a chill, it was the PERFECT day for a picnic! The group could have been easily mistaken as a bunch of rowdy juveniles with their raucous laughter and antics as jokes were exchanged and played several party games to the delight of the other tour participants who graciously accept the class' invitation and came along.

    The Toronto Team further proved their ability as THE super-excellent host at the dinner dance that ensued that night. After a program of updates with everybody's current position in life, and a sumptuous dinner, the group was surprised with a large bowl full of "lanzones" for each table that sat 8 people. Imagine the uproar at that time when the "waiters" came out to present this surprise gift! ! Some, I think had "accidentally" exceeded their share! An Elvis Presley impersonator topped the evening of continuous dancing to the 60's and 70's music popular during the "bell-bottoms" and "hippie" eras. It was indeed a night to remember!

    It was difficult to say "goodbye" to friends, whom, in so many ways, one has grown up with, just as it was after graduation day. However, remembering those days at the Nurses' Home and PGH awakened feelings of how it is to be young and 20 once again, though it may just seem to be an illusion!

    So on Aug. 7, (Day 5 of the tour), after promises that we will see each other again, sooner than later, we were back on the bus on the way to Ottawa and Montreal.

    We drove along the St. Lawrence river, one that forms the boundary between Canada and the United States, and arrived at the town of Brockville where we boarded a boat for a ride along the famous 1000 Islands. The 1,000 Islands is an enclave consisting of 1,864 islands that stand between the US and Canadian borders in the St. Lawrence River. The islands in Canada are in the province of Ontario and the US islands are in the state of New York. Sizes of the islands range from over 40 square miles to small ones that are either uninhabited or only homes to migratory waterfowl or occupied by a single residence.

    The boat ride provided us with sights of the different summer homes built by the wealthy and middle-class families during the late 19th and early 20th century. A few of such homes were built with stones and were considered as "castles" and became as international landmarks. We had a glimpse of one famous existing example, the Boldt Castle on Heart Island. It was left unfinished for the past 75 years due to the untimely death of Mr. Boldt's wife to whom he has dedicated the island. However, it was eventually completed in accordance to his original plans and updated with the current technological conveniences. Wealthy vacationers from prominent families coming from New York City, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Cleveland and other cities of the U.S. and Canada came to stay and play during the summer months of this period. The region also became known as the center for recreational boating, thus leading to the construction of yacht houses. Today, the region boasts a historically important collection of homes that endured even the war of 1812 between the British Empire and the United States.

    After immersion on the interesting historical background of the area, the group proceeded downtown Ottawa to the Parliament Hill or The Hill, as colloquially known, located in the banks of the Ontario river. It is the home of the Parliament of Canada containing a number of architectural elements of national symbolic importance. One example of this is the fountain containing the Centennial Flame situated at the entrance of the Hill. The Centennial Flame was dedicated on January 1, 1967 to mark the beginning of the Canadian Centennial.

    On Aug. 8th, day 6 of our journey, we reached Quebec and entered the lower entrance of the old city (Old Quebec) where the city's port is located. A local guide led the group to a section of Upper Town that allowed a partial view of the famous Chateau Frontenac, a 650-room castle-like hotel that hosted several famous foreign dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, Sir Winston Churchill, President Charles de Gaulle, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. For those of us who are Roman Catholics, we counted this day as a blessed one for having the opportunity to cross the "Holy Door" of the Basilica of Notre Dame that only opens once every 25 years or when there is a jubilee celebration as permitted by the Pope. We then proceeded to Lower Town descending the famous "Breakneck Stairs" that took us down to the Rue de Petit Champlain. This street is said to be the oldest shopping center in North America, dating back to the founding of the city in 1608. Shops, art galleries, restaurants, and boutiques lined both sides of the street offering various souvenirs and eye-catching merchandise. Painted on the wall of a structure named Soumande House is a painting that depicted the story of Quebec's architecture, its fortified walls, as well as its seasonal colors and the 16 significant individuals credited to the establishment of the city. The group divided itself into three's and four's to grab lunch at the various bistros as the place was indeed crowded with long queues of hungry visitors. We made our way back to cross the Canadian-U.S. border through Vermont and arrived at Lawrence, Massachusetts on time to grab a late dinner before turning in for the night.

    Our tour ended on Aug. 9, and traveled to Boston where we briefly stop at the campus of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lunch time for us was a Lobster meal (Chinese style), after which we finally said our "good-byes" and more promises to see each other again - perhaps, at the 2015 reunion in California.

    Regardless of a few annoyances that are commonly found among travelers, the tour not only allowed us the pleasure of each other's company and memories to share, but earned four continuing education credits and additional knowledge on cultural issues affecting nursing practice, recent finds on Diabetes presented by Delia Reyes,'68, FNP and the science of nursing informatics presented by Dr. Edmund J.Y. Pajarillo'79.

  • 15 Jul 2014 12:00 AM | Deleted user

    The extraordinary 200-page colored 2014 UPNAAI Yearbook is a one-of-a-kind keepsake pegging UPNAAI's accomplishments, encompassing influence, and wide-spread leadership. Read the 2014 Editorial Message & Acknowledgement and view the cover.

  • 15 Jul 2014 12:00 AM | Deleted user

    UPNAAI thanks all those who contributed to the success of the UPNAAI's 2014 Coral Jubilee Celebration in New York City including UPN-EC Chapter's Board of Directors & members and the 2014 UPNAAI organizing committees.

  • 01 Jul 2014 10:00 AM | Deleted user

    by Nelson Borrero

    2014 Julita V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor Awardee

    For her leadership and advocacy of transcultural nursing and her work on health care programs to strengthen HIV/AIDS prevention

    UPNAAI’s Coral Jubilee theme, “GLOBAL LEADERSHIP: Breaking Barriers”, is timely and fitting for the choice of Dula Fara-on Pacquiao as this year’s recipient of the Julita V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor. Dr. Dula Pacquiao exemplifies global leadership and definitely represent the very essence of the term "breaking barriers" that a two-page profile of her career would probably not do justice to the profundity of her commitment to her work and the breadth of her achievements. Nevertheless, UPNAAI found emphatic Dula’s dedication to her passion‒transcultural nursing‒and her efforts towards the awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS, as a great service to her profession, country, and humanity.

    Read the award transcript here.

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