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    Peregrin “Perry” Camilon Francisco GN’69, BSN’71
    UPNAAI President 2012-13

    I am greatly honored that the DelMarVa Chapter hosted the 33rd Annual Reunion. The DelMarVa Chapter, only two years old, demonstrated how to host and be successful. Thanks to Carmina Villaluz Bautista’74, UPNAAI’s 2nd VP and DelMarVa VP, together with the DelMarVa members and spouses, for a job well done.

    In the process, we accomplished a few “firsts”. After thirty-three (33) years, I am the first UPNAAI President that is not from the State of California. The reunion on August 11-12, 2012 was the first reunion held in Virginia. Each event was a big success with a huge number of attendees: 125 for the Education Program, 253 for the Luncheon Roll-Call, and 337 for the Gala Dinner. All of these, we owe to our UPNAAI leaders, Chapter members, the growing general membership, and enthusiasm of the jubilarians. These players were the recipe to our success. A special thanks to Mama Flor Sison Castelo’50 for her encouragement and belief that we can do this, not to forget her comedic talent. I know that I have big shoes to fill and I surely tried my very best.

    I ran my candidacy with the following goals and have carried these into my administration. I am very happy to report that we are making progress.

    1. Maintain the legacy of excellence through the annual educational conference and UPCN status report. We had record attendance with a balanced presentation from our jubilarians from the Philippines (Dean Remy Lapidez Fernandez’67 of Arellano University Graduate School for Nursing and Past Dean Josefina “Peng” Angeles Tuazon’77 of the University of the Philippines, and from the United States, Erlinda Paguio of the DELMARVA Chapter. Thanks to Mely de Leon and Letty Lantican for their recommendation to invite Dr. Francisco Sy of the National Institutes of Health. UPNAAI’s 1st VP, Marlon Garzo Saria’98, Chairman of the Education Committee, provided great leadership.
    2. Increase UPNAAI general membership by 2% in 2012 and 3% in 2013. We have attained and also exceeded our goal. As of the 33rd Reunion on Aug. 10, 2012, we already have 29 new life members and 8 new annual members. This is more than a 6% increase in membership from January 1, 2012 to August 10, 2012. During & after the August reunion, more joined UPNAAI as life & annual members, so by the end of 2012, UPNAAI gained an 8% increase in membership. Also, our annual members were encouraged to convert into life members. Many thanks to UPNAAI’s 3rd VP, Jesusa “Toots” Santa Barbara Czach BSN’79, Chair of the Membership Committee, for working with our alumni. UPNAAI thanks Marlene “Pinky” Cataylo Chance’75, who single-handedly recruited so many of her UP PGH SN’75 classmates. The second most number of new 2012 life members came from the UPCN Class of 1979.
    3. Revitalize UPNAAI Chapter formation through Regional efforts forming a Western Region, Eastern Region, North Central Region and South Central Region. The work to accommodate some changes in our Constitution and By-Laws continue by reaching out to the geographic areas where the potential of establishing a Chapter is great. We continue our dialogue with the previous chapters that have gone inactive for one reason or another. This is a time to ask ourselves. What have I received from the University of the Philippines? How can I give back for what I received? If not now, when? In unity we will be stronger, no matter where we are located. Let us stand up and be counted. Apply to become an UPNAAI member and organize a Chapter.
    4. Streamline the UPNAAI By-Laws, Policy and Procedure, and guidance documents for a transparent operation. This is an area of great need for UPNAAI. We need a fresh look at what we have done and how we can do it better. The updates in our Constitution and By- Laws, together with a clear Policy & Procedure can guide us in what we want to improve and accomplish. We need to hear your input on these matters.
    5. Upheld UPNAAI's 501(c) 3 status through a crystal clear understanding of the law. We are slowly but surely understanding our status. We are showing the power UPNAAI has to make a difference in education, research and community service. Our contribution is impacting lives in the United States and in the Philippines. We need to continue our generosity in time, talent and treasure that we have been so blessed to have. Open up your heart, mind and wallet. Here is your opportunity to create a LEGACY.
    This year’s theme of “Exploring and Preserving a Legacy of Excellence” reverberates in many of our minds. We have indeed explored many options this year. Change in leadership, growth in membership, and inclusions of the many who were bystanders. The legacy of our pioneering leaders is being harnessed by their contribution in knowledge, skills, and excellence of performance. There are many more that we have to tap so they can share their expertise with UPNAAI. We will reach out to them.

    I am a UP Nursing alumnus, a graduate of both the UP-PGH School of Nursing and the UP College of Nursing. I bridged the gap between the diploma school and the bachelor degree programs. Around 1975, the Philippine nursing education with its forward thinking leaders legislated nursing into one entry level, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). The last graduate of the UP-PGH was in 1976. That is our UP nursing history. Having done that, we are thankful to the nursing pioneers who challenged us to be better educated and prepared us to compete globally. We are all UP alumni, having graduated from the University of the Philippines. Let us stay united in support of UPNAAI.

    To end, thanks for your continued support to UPNAAI. Reach out and be counted as a member. It is our privilege and opportunity as UP alumni. Let us all remember that UP gave us our greatest professional head start and made us one of the greatest “healthcare professionals” in the world. Keep reaching out to each other and our Alma Mater.

    November 2012

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    by Nelson C. Borrero

    The long preparations paid off as UPNAAI achieved many meaningful milestones -- a testament to the board members whose hard work and diligence shaped the outcome. The leader of every committee was relentless and made sure that the event transpired as envisioned. With Peregrin C. Francisco at the helm of this splendid esprit de corps (the first UPNAAI president outside of California in the association’s 33-year history, a milestone in itself), the organization chose the reunion theme: “Exploring and Preserving a Legacy of Excellence.”

    The venue could not have been more fitting and appropriate. Colonial Williamsburg is the cradle of American heritage where early native Americans once roamed and the first English colonists settled, both groups thriving on the bounty of the land. The location is clustered with historical edifices maintained for the next generation to experience and see. Preserved along these structures are great ideals, American values and the legacy of the American spirit --- the quest for freedom. Indeed the place is an inspiration to all. And for UPNAAI, its aspiration is the quest for excellence, a legacy to uphold and to be similarly preserved.

    As the event drew closer, the DELMARVA Chapter, the reunion host, prepared the groundwork. Various committees were in full motion, arrangement for the shipment of the 2012 Yearbook from California was done, and The Nursing Journal was on its way. Both sets of items of items were expected to arrive at Williamsburg Lodge at the very latest on August 9, 2012. On that same day, alumni from around the world who were aboard in cars, buses, trains and planes started streaming in at the break of dawn. Those who flew in made their way through Virginia’s nearby airports: Norfolk, Richmond and Newport News. By noon time, groups, batches and classmates gathered among themselves, exchanged pleasantries and surprises. By all indications, the party has begun and continued throughout the night.

    Early morning, on August 10, the sun appeared brightly at the picturesque Virginia horizon promising a colorful day. At the conference center the registration desks were set, the audio- visual equipment checked, chairs and tables were arranged, and breakfast was ready. In no time, the room was filled with the highest number of attendees of any UPNAAI seminar in history- --another milestone for the association. The challenging yet very informative topics were comprehensively expounded by outstanding speakers. Meeting all course objectives, the seminar was a great success. The effort of the Education Committee members manifested itself in the result, no doubt a job well done. The morning segment was highlighted by the presentation of the J.V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor to a very deserving recipient, Dr. Minerva Salinas Guttman’68, Chief Academic and Administrative Officer, Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health, Farleigh Dickinson University. She received the award for her dedication to enhance competency in nursing practice through the integration of nursing education and other skills. Chosen by peers, the Medallion of Honor is the highest recognition of a U.P. nurse for achieving a notable breakthrough, for unique and meaningful contribution to the nursing profession, and more importantly, for selfless service to community, country, and humanity.

    Ably presided by Flor Sison Castelo’50 (UPNAAI’s Founding President), and Emy Geluz Goodrich’74 as emcees, assisted by Jesusa “Toots” Santa Barbara Czach’74 and Theresa “Tatess” Liboro Abad’81, the luncheon and the “Roll Call” that followed were utterly hilarious. It started with a really good lunch, then came the awaited moment when each one could speak to fellow U.P. grads about oneself, about others, about the class and had fun doing so. Their jokes and some off the cuff remarks by Flor Castelo brought the house down in an explosion of laughter that was heard from a distance. With attendance exceeding expectation, the afternoon session was another achievement for UPNAAI.

    The morning of August 11 was focused on UPNAAI business. The traditional Chaptership Meeting to discuss current issues and future activities was amply attended by the directors, officers, chapter representatives, & guests. Meanwhile, other alumni, their families and guests, took the opportunity to tour Williamsburg and neighboring Jamestown and Yorktown. They marveled at the historical sites and enjoyed exploring local restaurants for a taste of Virginia delicacies.

    Attended by a record number, the Gala Night was a lavish culmination of the reunion. The queue started early at the entrance of the hotel’s grand ballroom, an ornate setting with its high ceilings and bright chandeliers. Resplendent in their ternos and evening gowns, well-coiffed hair and radiant faces, the ladies were just lovely and beautiful. Not to be outdone, the gentlemen were simply handsome and sharp in their dark suits and barongs. Everyone enjoyed the sumptuous dinner at the elegantly decorated tables and displayed graceful steps to the rhythm of the music at the dance floor. It was a joyous affair highlighted by the jubilarians whose presentations were profusely applauded by an adoring audience. The gala was directed to perfection from the first note of the anthems to the last beat of the Auld Lang Syne, by very capable mistresses of ceremony, Chato Ansay’73 and Mady Rivera’68. It was a night to remember; it was enchanting.

    Finally, the enrollment for life membership was another significant milestone. The few months that led up to the reunion and throughout the event brought more than fifty (50) U.P. alumni who joined UPNAAI as new members, a number that far exceeded Perry Francisco’s goal of a 2% increase in membership in 2012 & 3% increase in 2013. By the end of 2012, after more alumni joined UPNAAI, the total increase in membership for the whole year was almost 8%.

    It was a magnificent gathering realized by the several months’ worth of hard work & collaborative efforts of several alumni such as Iren Bobis Roldan’69 (UPNAAI’s treasurer & Vice-Chair- Program Committee, Yearbook Editorial Board), Jesusa “Toots” Santa Barbara Czach’79 (3 rd VP, Chair-Membership Committee, Yearbook Editorial Board), Lyvia MendozaVillegas’68 (Chair-Yearbook Editorial Board & JV Sotejo Medallion of Honor Committee), Natalia “Nati” Matitu-Mercado (Yearbook Editorial Board), Nelson Borrero (Yearbook Editorial Board), Jessie Fernandez Ivins’69 (Yearbook Editorial Board), Marlon Garza Saria’98(1st VP, Chair-Education Committee), the different class coordinators e.g. Perla Miranda’62, Delia Delarama’62, Leticia Lantican’62, Phoebe Dauz-Williams’62, Merle Flores Borrero’67, Rhodora “Dors” Maligalig’72, Elizabeth Schein’77, Susan Orate’77, Marlene “Pinky” Cataylo Chance’75, & others.

    One can notice the “busy bodies” during each event of each day, in the likes of Perry Camilon Franciso’69 (President, UPNAAI & DelMarVa Chapter) & her husband Dr. Rey Francisco, Carmina Villaluz Bautista’74 (2nd VP, Chair-Program Committee) & her husband Tito, Lyvia Mendoza Villegas’68 & her husband Rudy Galang Villegas, Iren Bobis Roldan’69, Jesusa “Toots” Santa Barbara Czach’79, Theresa “Tatess” Liboro Abad’81, Emerita “Emy” Geluz Goodrich’74, Marlon Garza Saria’98, Marlene “Pinky” Chance’75 & her husband Dennis, Edita Paraiso De Lima’73, Charito “Chato” Ansay’73, and the members of the DelMarVa chapter & their husbands: Gloria Amayun Smitka’69, Mady Madrinan Rivera’68, Erlinda Cruz Paguio’72, Jo Sabile’62, Mary Ann David’75, Aida Layug Limcaoco’68, Jo Versoza Sabile’62, Anastacia Directo Bersamin’62, Ely Amurao Miranda’65, Sion Guerrero Manglicmot’56, Estelita Nuevaramos Delima’57, Merlie Lacson Mendoza’57, Gloria Espolong Suede’59, Lori Magalindan Montano’60, Nita Gutierrez Mendoza’68, Jasmine Bermudez’63, Daisy Tansiongco Denham’69, Guia Layo Caliwagan’73, & Aida Arcibal Imperio’71, Lucy Ross’81,

    Yearning for more, the get-together continued the following day with some staying on for a few more days. Surely, everyone brought back home a trove of treasured moments.

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    by Jenneth B. Doria, BSN’79, MS, RN
    UPNAAI News Editor-in-Chief

    Being taught in a prime institution of learning, the University of the Philippines College of Nursing, unleashed an array of opportunities for my classmates in the Philippines, in the United States and anywhere we decided to practice our nursing careers. Indeed, the common thread that interweaves our lives as alumni is the strong, durable, and resilient fiber that our alma mater has skillfully knitted in our hearts and minds. I see ourselves as colorful patches of a beautiful quilt that provides warmth, protection and familiar security. Like the faded jeans, for some unexplainable reason this quilt just gets more precious in time as each patch fades in color and the thread gets disheveled. Perhaps it is because a new square gets sewn on top of the old patch, or the thread gets reinforced with new thread, and more patches are added to its borders to accommodate the ever-growing need for this heirloom to provide security to a scared child, warmth to an aging parent or protection to lay upon the ground as families sit on the park to watch the 4th of July fireworks. With each patch is a breadth of experience so personal and meaningful to us.

    We each make a quilt of our own lives. I added several patches on mine when I returned to school after 32 years of being outside school walls. It was a steep learning curve as I had to learn through a blended format of technology and didactics that was different from how I learned traditionally. Balancing my roles as a mother, wife, caregiver to my aging mother, part-time nurse and other tasks was very challenging, but I also knew that being an educator is the ultimate point in my 32 years of nursing practice. I embarked on a personal quest for 2 years and I look back with gratitude for my personal growth and opportunities that became closer to my reach.

    Patricia Benner’s Carnegie and Institute of Medicine Reports call for nurse experts to provide quality and safe patient care to a diverse population within a complicated health care system. How do we heed such clarion call when we are at different seasons in our lives? We could do this at our own time and pace, espousing the same purpose and heading towards one goal. Just like a beautiful quilt that stands the test of use and time, we each contribute a patch or two to the ever-growing UPNAAI quilt. Each one adds color and diversity and is part and parcel of the overall design and purpose of the quilt. As we increase our knowledge not just in nursing but in other areas of our lives, we propel ourselves towards a trajectory that could only forge us forward and upward. We enrich one another’s life and those around us when we are ‘united in our quest for growth’ and act as one as we serve and truly be the change agents that UP meant for us to become.

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    Tula handog sa iyo ni Lyvia at Rudy
    katha ni Lyvia Mendoza-Villegas, GN’68, BSN’71, MA, RN, FNP

    Nuong taong 1927, ika 21 ng Nobyembre
    Isinilang ang napakagandang sanggol na babae
    Sa lakas ng kaniyang iyak, nabasag ang elepante
    Hindi na naibalik sa antigong estante.

    Ganyang kalakas ang karisma ni Floresinda
    Sagana sa tuwa ang lahat na makilala
    Pakinggan ang kaniyang kuwento na nakatatawa
    Ang iyong kalungkutan ay tiyak na mabubura.

    Si "Mama Flor", unang Pangulo ng UPNAAI
    Nararapat lang siya’y tawaging "Nanay"
    Maalab ang puso, matalino at mahusay
    Pagmamahal sa Diyos ang lagi niyang alay.

    Una kong nakilala si "Mama Flor" sa San Francisco
    Sa reunyon ng UPNAAI kami ay nag-duweto
    Hindi sa awitan kundi sa pagko-komiko
    Bale ba ang usapan, tungkol sa prostate at testiculo.

    Sayang at walang pruweba sa awdyo at bidyo
    Hanggang ngayo’y dinig ko pa ang tawanang kay gulo
    Kinilig ang mga lalake, palakpakang maatikabo
    Ang taong ‘mil dos hindi malimutan ng mga tao.

    Ang suwerte namin at kami’y nasama sa nakumbida
    Sa haba ng listahan kami ay napili pa
    Kaya kami’y nagpa-pasalamat mahal na "Mama"
    Ito’y habang buhay, ‘di malimutang magandang ala-ala.

    Sa pagdiwang ngayon ng iyong kaarawan
    Palibot ng iyong pamilya at mga kaibigan
    Aming ipagdarasal ang iyong kalusugan
    Ng isip, puso, at ng buong katawan.

    Kung ipagpapatuloy ang tula hanggang sa kinabukasan
    Nag-iisa na lang ako rito sa magandang bulwagan
    Kaya hanggang dito na lang ang katha ng isipan
    Salamat "Mama Flor", Maligayang Kaarawan!


    "Mama Flor" Sison Castelo's 85th Birthday Party on 11/24/2012, Banning, CA (Seated L-R: Emerita "Emy" Geluz Goodrich, "Mama Flor".: Standing L-R: Rudy Villegas, Tom Mercado, Naty Matitu-Mercado, Merle Flores Borrero, Nelson Borrero, Lyvia Mendoza Villegas, Iren Bobis Roldan, Jesusa "Toots" Santa Barbara Czach, Charito "Chato" Ansay)

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    by Jessie Fernandez Ivins ‘69

    Our days always started with thank you and safe-trip prayers, an information and orientation from our tour guide, followed by sing-a-longs and joke –sharing. Yuupp, we learned to sing Black Eye Peas’ Today is Gonna Be a Good Day (a take from their signature song) and was inspired by the life story of its Filipino-American member, aple.d.ap. And wow, the jokes ! Many of our travel buddies should seriously consider a second career as standup comedians. With the appropriate permission, perhaps, I can post the jokes that I videotaped.

    Our tour started in Williamsburg, Virginia, a historical city which witnessed the creation of USA democracy and then on to Virginia Natural Bridge. It’s a marvel - a freeway crossing the bridge! The Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, was impressive. This is the largest private home in America with an eight thousand acre garden in French and English style. Camote tops, talong and ampalaya were grown in the garden! We attributed this to a Filipino gardener. We took in the beauty of nature as we drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains and the country roads. In Tennessee, the Smoky Mountains was even more exciting when we spotted black bears from a distance. In the resort town of Gatlinburg, we sampled Southern cuisine and toured a moonshine distillery. The adventurous among us jugged in a bit of moonshine and then enjoyed Bluegrass music. We got more Southern exposure at Dixie Stampede Show, a Dolly Parton production. We missed her, though. The Lookout Mountain in the boarder of Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia is a major destination. We enjoyed its many attractions - The Lost Sea, Incline Railway, Ruby Falls and Rock City. In Atlanta, we learned how news is broadcasted in our CNN tour, saw Soledad O’Brien with her up-to-the-minute news forecast but were not given privy to the secret Coca-Cola formula in our Coca-Cola tour, darn!

    True to the UPNAAI spirit, our tour met UPNAAI objectives. While fellowship and camaraderie among alumni and their family was strong, we got a superb presentation from Delia Reyes ’68 on the practical management of diabetes, a top disease among Filipinos. Our tour group also raised funds to add to UPNAAI’s donation to the Sendong flood victims. Huge thanks to Nati, Delia and to Marlon Saria ’98 for arranging our CEU units and much thanks to all tour participants for sharing their ‘joie de vivre.’

    Nati is again coordinating a tour of the Canadian Rockies after the 34th reunion in Anaheim next year. Make plans to join her group for another ligaya at samahan ... the UPNAAI way!

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    Boots Mayol, Pearl Miranda, & Delia Delarama
    UP-PGHSN Class of 1962

    Thirty-one (31) of us went to our first reunion in Virginia in August, 2012. We joined the other alumni for the UPNAAI 33rd Annual Reunion. As Golden Jubilarians, we were expected to present special numbers for the occasion and we did. We chose to sing our class song “Greenfields” and our rendition of “Those Were The Days My Friend,” changing the lyrics to tell a story of our student days at the Nurses Home. The song delighted the audience specially those who had the same experiences.

    Most of us stayed for another three days of bonding at the condo of Josie and Billy Sabile. We went home thinking and looking forward to our reunion in the Philippines.

    Seventeen (17) of us joined the twelve (12) alumni in the Philippines who hosted the affair. Most of us stayed at the Century Park Hotel. As we met and rejoiced seeing each other again, the camaraderie and the lifelong friendships came rushing back.

    We toured PGH and met with Dr. Manuel Agulto, the Chancellor; Dr. Joe Gonzales, the Director; Miss Imelda Mangaser, the Assistant Director for Nursing Services, and all her staff; and Mrs. Adel Mendoza , President of the PGHSNAA. We ended up with a photo-op at the ‘Nurses Home,’ dressed in our Golden gowns to recreate our line-up during our Welcome ball. We felt nostalgic, at the same time felt sorry for the current state of the Nurses Home. It was one of the most elegant buildings of UP Manila before but it is currently in a run-down condition and in need of major repair. This justified our decision to donate and motivate others to start a renovation fund. Climax of the day was the Manila Bay Cruise where we dined and watched the picturesque beautiful sunset.

    During the UP-PGHSNAA annual reunion, we saw and mingled with other alumni whom we have not seen for a long time. We sung the songs we rendered in Virginia, once again transporting the audience back to’ Nurses Home’ days. Our spouses who have been very supportive in every reunion joined us in another song, “Bayan Ko.” No matter where our journeys take us, we always think of our homeland. To cap it all, Jane Negre Sta. Ana got the Distinguished Alumni Award and Delia Delarama, the Mother of the Year Award.

    Our celebration also included tours to Tagaytay, Corregidor, Manila, and the malls at Greenhills and Makati. We spent a day at our classmate’s resort in Laguna (Jun & Jane Abacan) and feasted on lanzones, big guavas and other sumptuous dishes. We even had karaoke and a mahjong session. We visited the”Kubo Camp for Christ” established in Silang, Cavite by Del & Jane Sta Ana. We planned to visit the orphanage managed by classmate, Sr. Sol Umale but she was not available at that time. It was amazing how our bodies endured the hectic schedule.

    Our Golden Yearbook was a labor of love and we are proud of everyone’s cooperation. We apologized to Dinday Bersamin for our error of omission– we tried our best but it shows how human we are.

    Looking back at the events and the wonderful memories of our celebrations, we wish, and we will strive to have more reunions. Life is a gift-fragile and unpredictable. We therefore need to savor each moment, appreciate one another, and everything “for the past is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today (the present), is a gift.” We realize the decreasing number of attendees at some class reunions and we hope that other celebrating classes would consider going home for their reunions. It was truly a priceless experience for us!

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    BSN, MA, M.Ed., Ed.D., RN, APN
    2012 J.V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor Awardee

    by Nelson Borrero

    This year’s J.V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor recipient, Minerva Salinas Guttman, epitomizes the legacy of the esteemed and iconic Sotejo for her dedication in enhancing nursing practice through the integration of nursing education and other skills. While Minerva worked as a staff nurse, her passion is teaching that no sooner did she move from the ward to the classroom as instructor at the Philippine General Hospital School of Nursing. When she moved to the United States, she again tried a stint at being a staff nurse at the ICU of Mt. Sinai Medical Center, New York, but again her deep-seated interest in education pulled her away to become instructor at the Beth Israel School of Nursing. Her choice of the academe was a momentous decision that pave a career path to Assistant Professor, Assistant Dean of the State University of New York Nursing School, and then the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. And eventually as Director, Professor and Chief Academic and Administrative Officer of the Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health, Farleigh Dickinson University. And presently the holder of the highest rank of tenured professor and Ferguson Endowed Chair. One of her important achievements is her effort in advancing nursing practice by developing the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program which was given full accreditation by the American Association of College of Nursing (AACN) - a great contribution to the nursing profession, a significant feat of a U.P. nurse.

    Minerva Salinas graduated from the UPCN in 1968 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Busy with a budding career and family, she found time to pursue higher education to prepare herself for enormous challenges and opportunities that come her way. The road to her success was made possible by her persistent desire to learn and to grow. In 1977 she obtained her Master of Arts (MA) in Nursing degree, and in 1991, she completed the requirements for Masters in Education (M.Ed.), both from Teachers College, Columbia University. In 1992, she obtained her Doctor of Education (Ed.D) also from Columbia.

    Dr. Minerva Salinas Guttman’s dissertation continues to focus on the professional development of nurses through academic achievement, experience, leadership and other skills, all integrated to enhance effective and efficient nursing practice.

    Dr. Guttman received many research grants to explore a variety of issues mostly centered on skills development, helping disadvantaged students, competency of nurses and the ethics and moral standards of nursing practice. A prolific writer, she authored many researched and evidence-based articles that were published in many peer-reviewed journals including the UPNAAI Nursing Journal. She further expound on her vision via poster presentations, as speaker and delegate to national and international conferences like the UN Conference on Aging, the CoNGO Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, the UN/DIP/NGO Conference in Melbourne, Australia and the Bioethics Education Conference sponsored by UNESCO in Zefat, Israel. As a true and loyal alumna, she joined the “Balik-Turo” at UPCN, her alma mater.

    For her drive, persistence and hardwork, she received many honors and awards. In 1982 she was inducted to the Kappa Pi Delta International Honor Society for education, the UMDNJ Honor Society for Nursing in 1994, and Omicron Pi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society for Nursing, 1998. In 2001, she was the recipient of the Most Outstanding Alumni for Nursing by UPAA, Nurse Educator of the Year, PNAA, 2002, Excellence Award in Health Care by the Union County Commission on Status of Women, among others.

    What Dr. Minerva Guttman accomplished in the field of nursing education is a significant contribution to the nursing profession her U.P. nursing colleagues and alma mater is proud of, yet more importantly, she also served her community, country and humanity through volunteer work with the American Red Cross, Leukemia Foundation, the American Cancer Society and American Heart Association. She also volunteered to serve with the Union County Public Health Emergency Response Team.

    For her dedication to the enhancement of nursing practice through education and her many volunteer work, including the “Balik-Turo” at the UPCN, and other humanitarian effort, the UPNAAI Board of Directors chaired by Peregrin Francisco, GN, BSN, MSA, RN, on recommendation by the Awards and Citation Committee chaired, by Lyvia M. Villegas, BSN, MA, RN, FNP, unanimously voted in favor of Dr. Minerva Salinas Guttman, BSN, MA, M.Ed., Ed.D., RN, APN as the 2012 Julita V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor awardee for her service to her community, country and humanity - Medallium Honoris Servitium Patriae et Humanitate. Congratulations!

    Manus, Caput, Cor.

    There is no satisfaction that I know of to compare with the feeling.
    That you are useful to other people. Other people value you, and
    you help change their lives for the better. People go into it for the
    satisfying work. Nursing is something you do with
    your head, your heart and your hands.

    --Virginia Henderson

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    The UPNAAI Nursing Journal is offering a $1000 Nurse Scientist Fellowship Award.

    Nominee must be an UPNAAI member pursuing research activities with intended completion within 12 months of receiving the award. The research will be published in the UPNAAI Nursing Journal. The UPNAAI Nursing Journal will have exclusive rights for the distribution of the completed manuscript.

    The submission deadline is May 31, 2013.

    For more information, please contact:
    Josie Villanueva, BSN’67, MA, RN-BC, NE-BC
    Chairman of the Editorial Board 

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