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  • 30 Nov 2013 12:00 AM | Deleted user

    Peregrin “Perry” Camilon Francisco, GN’69, BSN’71
    UPNAAI President, 2012-2013

    This is to thank our UPNAAI membership who voted to elect our 2014-2015 Board Members. Congratulations to all seventeen (17) of them. My best wishes on their UPNAAI leadership. More than ever before, we have representatives from many parts of the US. UPNAAI’s growth is visible. Our 34th Annual Reunion was also a reflection of our growth, with the increased number of participants during education day, Class luncheon roll call, and Gala night. The record attendance of our celebrating Jubilarians was another testimony to our health, wealth, but most especially to the leadership tenacity of the class organizers. This will be a challenge to the celebrating classes for the 35th UPNAAI Reunion to be held in New York City, NY. I call on all classes, year ending ’05 and ’00, to start organizing now. Prepare your Yearbook Ads and special Gala presentation number.

    It is my honor serving as your President. Your unprecedented support and engagement demonstrated your UP spirit. Together, we accomplished the goals I set forth for 2012-2013.

    1. Maintain the legacy of excellence through the annual educational conference and UPCN status report. UPNAAI had record breaking participation from the US and the Philippines, with educational programs provided to maintain the excellence of the College and the graduates. Marlon Saria, UPNAAI 1st VP, Chairman of the Education Committee, together with the Committee members, made all these possible.

    2. Increase UPNAAI general membership beyond our projection and expectation. We broke our 700 membership record because of a 12% increase in the number of new life and annual members from January 2012 to November 2013 The leadership of Jesusa “Toots” Santa Barbara Czach, 3rd VP and Chairman of the Membership Committee, with the support of the class coordinators, proved to be the force that reeled them in.

    3. Revitalize UPNAAI Chapter formation through Regional efforts forming a Western Region, Eastern Region, North Central Region and South Central Region. This remains to be a challenge. I call on the leadership of many from the different parts of the US to unite and organize. To form a Chapter, use UPNAAI’s help. You only need 20 members to get started. Think of your neighboring states. Through conference calls, you can be united and host our next Reunion in your area. DELMARVA Chapter accomplished it in one year and hosted the 2012 Reunion, while they were only two years of being organized. Use your strong UP spirit and “can do” attitude.

    4. Streamline the UPNAAI By-Laws, Policy & Procedure and guidance documents for a transparent operation. Thanks to the leadership of Emerita “Emy” Geluz Goodrich and Jessie Ivins, the UPNAAI By-Laws were amended to reflect our operation. We will keep our by-laws relevant to our practice.

    5. Upheld UPNAAI's 501(c)3 status through a crystal clear understanding of the law. We received tremendous gratitude for all the help we have provided to many non-profit causes in the US, as well as from our beloved UPCN and PGH. The UPCN students and faculty continue to lead nursing education in the Philippines and all over Asia. The UP curriculum is being replicated for its excellence and advanced practice. PGH remains to be a mecca for diagnosis, treatment, research, and community outreach. Let us continue to help and make it a healthier world to live in.

    Again, many thanks for your continued support to UPNAAI. I urge everyone to reach out and be counted as a member. Let us all remember that UP gave us our greatest professional head start, which made us the greatest “healthcare professional” in the world. Let us give back, because if not now, when? God bless us all. Enjoy and stay safe. We’ll see each other in New York. Mark your calendar for August 1-2, 2014.

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    by Mady Madrinan Rivera, RN, GN’68, BSN’69

    Just a couple of weeks after UPNAAI’s 35th Reunion in 2012, when world class traveler and PGH-SN Class’68 mother hen, Nati Matitu, announced that our next UPNAAI Post Convention excursion for the summer of 2013, would be to the Canadian Rockies, her hash tag was #TheMostSpectacularPlaceOnEarth. It was indeed a perfect week spent with some of my best friends and colleagues, embracing the pristine, natural beauty of Canada together. It was a time for grand sightseeing and new experience that afforded each of us a new perspective: a balance of mind, body, and spirit.

    Our congenial group of 53 UP Nursing alumni and family met in Vancouver, where we were introduced to our articulate Chinese-Canadian tour guide, Uncle Joe. Our guide made the long rides to our destinations interesting, as we snaked through Canada’s vast lands (second largest in the world trailing only Russia) and its living sanctuary of spectacular scenery and untouched wilderness. He also made sure to provide us with a wealth of information about our neighbors to the north, its provinces, its people, history, and culture.

    The Canadian Rockies Experience:

    On our first day in the Rockies, we enjoyed an impressive photo opportunity in front of lofty snow-capped Mount Robson, the Canadian Rockies’ highest peak at 12,972 ft. We continued our mystical journey through the Icefields Parkway, often called the most scenic mountain highway in the world, with views of tremendous glaciers, turquoise lakes, rushing waterfalls, castellated mountains, wild forests, and canyons. Later, a ride on the massive Ice Explorer allowed us to step onto Columbia Icefield’s glaciers and walk along crevasses to taste clear fresh meltwater from the mountains.

    Our next day in the Canadian Rockies brought us to the top of Sulphur Mountain. A titillating 14-minute, 6,850 foot, gondola climb featured spectacular views of glacier-clad peaks, majestic Lake Louise, alpine meadows peppered with wild flowers, and the valley of Banff below. Numerous additional stops bestowed similar gifts for the senses: the Bow River and Waterfalls, Emerald Lake, Peyto Lake, and Lake Okanagan to name but a few.

    The Metropolis:

    A relaxing ferry ride on the newly minted Coastal Celebration took us from Vancouver to Victoria through the Gulf Islands. Lunch was in Little Hong Kong, where we were treated to highly sought-after tropical fruits such as Dragon fruit, lanzones, and rambutan. British influences were prominent at downtown Victoria, the Empress Hotel, the British Columbia Parliament Buildings, and in many lavish parks. The highlight of Victoria, also known as the “City of Gardens”, is the magnificent, world-renowned Butchart Gardens that offered an expansive feast for a gardener’s eyes and soul.

    We spent our last beautiful Vancouver morning in historic Gastown, the city’s original downtown; adjacent Chinatown; and vast, urban, water locked Stanley Park where the First Nations Totem Poles are

    proudly displayed. After many departed for their respective homes, those of us who stayed behind savored one last night in Canada by taking in the Asian-inspired International Summer Night Market, a warm starlit gathering that featured street foods, shopping, and fellowship.

    Lessons learned:

    Visits to Kamloops Ginseng and Vernon’s Planet Bee Honey Farms informed us on the usage of preventive medicine to increase one’s immune system; a lesson rivaled only by ice wine tasting in Kelowna, a tutorial in nurturing the spirit.

    Academically, Professor Dula Faraon Pacquiao, UPCN Class ’68, spoke on “Cultural Diversity - Finding a better understanding of oneself as a foreign graduate in the workplace.” The take-away for me was the consideration of ideal places to retire after focused soul-searching of where one might be happiest. Having kept her eyes and ears open the entire trip, the agenda of NP “Dr.” Delia Zambrano Reyes, SN’68, was to analyze the group’s needs, so she could bring a fresh approach to her Diabetes Counseling practice. Her take-home directive to all was, “Now is the time! If not now, when?”

    In addition to lessons on Salmon Run and the Chinese contribution to the Canadian Pacific Railway, our tour guide also passed on additional wisdom here and there. Perhaps influenced by Confucius, Uncle Joe reminded us to live in the moment. “C’mon, you guys! It’s okay to spend money on holidays to maximize your once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

    As promised, it was, indeed, the trip of a lifetime to one of the most spectacular places on earth: a perfect week spent with UPNAAI classmates and friends that filled to the brim with countless opportunities to widen our horizons and appreciate God’s gifts. Each of us departed with a new perspective: a balance of mind, body, and spirit. I can’t wait until the next UPNAAI Post-Convention pilgrimage. See you all there!

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    Saturday, August 3, 2013, Hyatt Regency of Orange County, Garden Grove, CA

    During UPNAAI’s 34th reunion, its members elected the seventeen (17) members of the Board of Directors for 2014-2015. The Chair of UPNAAI’s Nomination & Election Committee, Maggie Ongkiko, BSN’73, announced the names of the newly elected members of the board at the Chapters’ breakfast meeting on Saturday, August 3, 2013. Forty percent (40%) of them are from CA while the remaining sixty percent (60%) are from the following states: FL, NJ, NM, NV, MI, TX, &VA. At the dinner dance that Saturday evening, Dr. Araceli O. Balabagno, MN’71, PhD, Dean of the University of the Philippines Manila College of Nursing, duly inducted the new UPNAAI Board of Directors.

    On Saturday, December 14, 2013, during the board meeting in Irvine, CA, the Nomination & Election Committee conducted the election of the officers of the board. The new board unanimously elected Jesusa “Toots” Santa Barbara Czach (CA), BSN’79 as UPNAAI’s 17th President, which she graciously accepted. She was the immediate past 3rd Vice-President and Chairman of the Membership Committee for 2012-2013. The other elected officers are: Dr. Edmund JY Pajarillo (NJ), BSN’79, 1st Vice-President & Chairman of the Education & Research Committee; UPNAAI’s 15th President, Emerita “Emy” Geluz Goodrich (CA), BSN’74, 2nd VP & Chairman of the Program Committee; Gloria Amayun Smitka (VA), GN’69, BSN’70, 3rd VP & Chairman of the Membership Committee; Marilou Torres Lacson (CA), BSN’79, Recording Secretary; UPNAAI’s immediate past president Perry Camilon Francisco (VA), GN’69, BSN’71, Correspondence Secretary; Iren Bobis Roldan (CA), BSN’69, re-elected as Treasurer; and Marilyn Ubaldo Boots (CA), BSN’73, Auditor. Elected as board members are the following: Theresa Liboro Abad (NJ), BSN’81; Zayda Bulala Aberin (CA), GN’67; Dr. Marlene Cataylo Chance (FL), GN’75, 2013 JV Sotejo Medallion of Honor Awardee; Evelyn Gonzalez McLaughlin (CA), BSN’76; Erlinda Cruz Paguio (VA), BSN’72; Carmen Perez (MI), GN’69; Ida Robillon Santos (NV), GN’68; Lachme Trivilegio Sullesta (NM), GN’68; and Susan Vicencio-Garaygay (TX), GN’68.

    During Jesusa “Toots” Santa Barbara Czach’s tenure as the 3rd Vice-President & Chairman of the Membership Committee for 2012-2013, UPNAAI experienced a 12% surge in membership, a gain of 76 life members and 7 annual members. By the Aug. 2013 reunion, UPNAAI’s membership reached a total of 705 members (698 life members and 7 annual members). Toots Czach expresses her profound gratitude to those who contributed to the success of UPNAAI’s 2012-2013 membership recruitment initiative. Since joining the board in 2009, Toots Czach remains an active class 1979 coordinator and has served UPNAAI in various positions including Auditor, Business Manager, Chairman & Managing Editor of the UPNAAI News Editorial Board, Chairman of the Website Committee, Editor-in-Chief of the 2013-2014 UPNAAI Yearbook Editorial Board, and others. She served as the 2012-2013 Managing Editor of the Philippine Nurses’ Association of America’s Journal of Nursing Practice & Reviews of Research (JNPARR) and currently serves as JNPARR’s Executive Editor. Toots shared her presidential goals & aspirations at their first board meeting held in Diamond Bar, CA on January 11, 2014 – they are listed in the 2014 President’s Message on page 3 of the Winter 2013-2014 edition of the UPNAAI News.


    Saturday, August 3, 2013, Hyatt Regency of Orange County, Garden Grove, CA. Dean Cel Balabagno inducts UPNAAI Officers 2014-2015

    L-R: Dean Araceli Balabagno, Ida Robillon Santos GN'68, Lachme Trivilegio Sullesta GN'68, Dr. Marlene "Pinky" Cataylo Chance GN'75. Marilyn Ubaldo Boots BSN'73, Peregrin "Perry" Carilon Francisco GN69, BSN'71, Theresa "Tatess" Liboro Abad BSN'81, Gloria Amayun Smitka GN'69, BSN'70, Iren Bobis Rolda BSN’69, Jesusa "Toots" Santa Barbara Czach BSN'79, Emerita "Emy" Geluz Goodrich BSN'74

    UPCN Dean Araceli Balagano, Floresinda Castelo (UPNAAI's First President) and guest speakers Luz Barbara Dones (UPCN Professor & Head, Teaching Program) & Imelda Mangaser (Deputy Director for Nursing, Philippine General Hospital) with the UPNAAI Board of Directors, Advisors, Consultants, and Chapter Representatives from UPN-EC & DELMARVA at the Chapters’ Breakfast Meeting.

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    Calling all 2014 Jubilarians (Classes ending in 4 & 9)

    The University of the Philippines College of Nursing Alumni Association, Inc. (UPCNAAI) invites you to attend the Alumni Homecoming on June 22, 2014 (Sunday, 1:30PM - 6PM) at The Garden, 3/F City Garden Hotel 0 7870 Makati Ave corner Kalayaan Ave., Makati City, Philippines. This year's theme is: "Pag asa at Pananaw sa Narsing Sa Bagong Tagsibol". Download the program here.

  • 10 Jul 2013 9:00 AM | Deleted user

    2013 Julita V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor Awardee

    by Nelson Borrero

    For her unrelenting effort in advocating the role of Nurse Practitioners in the many facets of the medical profession.

    “’Leadership’ is defined as the capacity to make things happen that would otherwise not happen” Thomas E. Cronin, 1940 --). This year’s Julita V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor awardee, Dr. Marlene Cataylo Chance, is a leader with that capacity. Early in her career, she envisioned an important role for Nurse Practitioner (NP) in the delivery of numerous aspects of health care. As a Family Nurse Practitioner what was formerly a “physician only” practice in the 1990’s, Marlene Chance, oftentimes, had to confront difficult challenges in pursuing, promoting, and espousing the concept and significance of an NP in medical practice setting. It is not an easy walk where the path is impeded by thickets of hesitation and resistance, perhaps by the influence of age-old tradition and status quo where once such role was unknown and uncommon. But as the Persian saying goes: “Step by step, ascends the stairs” Marlene diligently persevered and, in the process, displayed the requisite skills and high level of competence that proved her point. She has a firm belief in the ability of NP to play a vital role in the dispensation of many aspects of health care including wellness programs and other preventive care. She cooperated, collaborated, and shared ideas with doctors she worked with resulting in enhanced quality care. She gained not only recognition but also the respect of patients, clients, physicians, colleagues and the community. Her unrelenting effort and her dogged advocacy helped change the landscape of the medical field---truly a meaningful contribution to the nursing profession and a great achievement of a U.P. nurse.

    Marlene Cataylo Chance started her distinguished career from the University of the Philippines where she earned her GN degree with honors at the UP-PGHSN in 1975. Thereafter, she worked at the GSIS General Hospital, Quezon City. Moving to the United States the following year she had a stint as charge nurse at Redmond Park Hospital, Georgia before going to Florida. In 1978 and years following, she worked at several medical institutions while pursuing her BSN degree at Florida International University where she graduated Summa cum Laude in 1990. In 1992, she completed the requirements for her Master of Science in Nursing degree, Barry University, Miami Shores, and was recipient of Outstanding Research Award. Very much involved in advocating the role of NPs in medical practice, she co-founded the South Florida Advanced Practice Nurses with a mission to unite nurses engaged in advance practice nursing, to foster educational advancement and professional excellence, to promote its viability and visibility, and with the ultimate goal of providing accessible and affordable quality health care.

    Marlene continued to pursue higher education. In 1999, she received her PhD in Health Administration from Kennedy Western University, Cheyenne, Wyoming; and in 2005, her Executive Juris Doctor degree from Concord University Law School-Kaplan University, Los Angeles, California, where she graduated with highest honors and received the Awards of Academic Excellence and Outstanding Legal Writing.

    In addition to her academic pursuits, clinical experience and professional practice, Dr. Chance did a number of research projects and received research grants like the Eli Lilly Research Grant on “Non-Hormonal Alternatives for the Control of Hot Flashes in Post Menopausal Women on Raloxifene Therapy,” and the Nova Southeastern University Kenyon Research Grant on “Pharmacologic Intervention of Depression in Cancer Patients in Primary Care,” to name a few.

    Despite her hectic schedule and her numerous activities, Dr. Marlene Chance found time to join and is a member of local, national, and international professional organizations. Among them are: Florida Nurses Association, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, UPNAAI, PNA, National Alliance to Nurture the Aged and the Youth (NANAY), and honor societies such as the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society, Phi Kappa Honor Society, and the Nursing Honor Society of Florida International University.

    Dr. Chance volunteered for various charitable causes and joined disaster and relief operations like the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter at Fort Lauderdale; Hurricane Andrew Rescue and Relief Operations, Miami; The Cagayan De Oro-Iligan Flood; Typhoon Sendong in 2011. She also went back to her beloved alma mater in 2012 as guest speaker, part of the Balik Turo program, on a topic close to her heart: “The Family Nurse Practitioner and Health Care in the U.S.”

    During the span of her illustrious career, Dr. Marlene Chance received awards and recognition for her contribution to her profession and volunteer service, notable of which are: ARNP of the Year Award from Florida Nurses Association, the Florence Nightingale Award, PNA and the International Nurses Association; Most Outstanding Volunteer (NANAY) and the Award for Outstanding Nursing Service and Dedication, Florida Power and Light Hurricane Andrew Rescue and Relief Operations. Recently, she was nominated as a Fellow for the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (FAANP).

    For her advocacy of the role of Nurse Practitioners in the many facets of the medical field---- a milestone she brought to the nursing profession--- and for her many volunteer efforts and other charitable endeavors, the UPNAAI Board of Directors on recommendation by the Awards and Citation Committee chaired by Lyvia M. Villegas, BSN, MA, RN, FNP, unanimously voted Dr. Marlene Cataylo Chance, GN, BSN, MSN, PhD, EJD, RN, FNP-BC as the 2013 Julita V. Sotejo Medallion of Honor Awardee for her service to her community, country, and humanity---Medallium honoris servitum patriae et humanitate. Congratulations!

    Success is as much a matter of luck as of ability, But perhaps, even more, of persistence in “sticking it” until luck turns.”

    B.H. LIDDLE HART (1895 – 1970)

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    SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  June 15, 2013

    UPNAAI is offering a $1000 Scholarship Grant to be awarded to qualified alumni or children of alumni who are active and registered members.

    Recipients of the award will be selected based on the following criteria:

    • Active involvement/service: 40%
    • Academic qualities: 30%
    • Personal/professional qualities: 30%

    The award is intended to support basic, advanced education in nursing or certification towards advanced practice. The award will be presented at our annual reunion on the first Friday of August 2013. Please write UPNAAI to request for an application form and for additional information. Board members and their children are not qualified for the scholarship grant during their term of office.

    Submit completed application forms on or before June 15, 2013 to: Lyvia Mendoza Villegas, GN’68, BSN’71, MA, RN, FNP Chairman, Citations & Awards Committee at fulrose@cox.net.

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